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Books from the Black Forest

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The literature of the Black Forest is as diverse as the region itself. It ranges from exciting crime novels, touching local novels to informative travel guides. These books convey an authentic picture of the region and its inhabitants and are a must for every Black Forest lover.

Black Forest crime novels – tension and humor

Black Forest crime novels are particularly popular with readers. These books not only offer excitement and thrills, but often also a humorous insight into life in the Black Forest. An example is the novel “Two dead in the grave is one too many”. This ironic and original crime thriller is about solving a murder in a rural community. The main characters, Max and the retired police officer Thomas Braun, offer an entertaining mix of amateur investigators and professional detectives.

Novels from the Black Forest – love and local color

In addition to crime novels, there are also a number of novels set in the Black Forest. These books are characterized by a successful mix of captivating plots and local flair. For example, the novel by Maria Kehlenbeck, which is about a woman who, despite personal confusion, throws herself into the rescue project of an old village inn. The author not only conveys the beauty of the Black Forest landscape, but also the feeling of community and home.

Local books and travel guides – discover and enjoy

In addition to crime novels and novels, there are a variety of informative books about the Schwarzwald. They range from travel guides that are valuable Suggestions for your next Black Forest vacation, right through to cookbooks with Black Forest recipes. The travel guide “Discover – Experience – Enjoy” by Ralph von Bordelius is particularly noteworthy. With his numerous travel tips and appealing photos, he makes you want to go on vacation in the Black Forest.

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