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Overnight at the farmer's or winegrower's with "Landvergnügen" and camper van.

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Vacation on the farm with your own mobile home, is that possible?

Yes it works! With the Landvergnügen project, it is possible to combine a trip with a motorhome in the Black Forest with a visit to a farm. So you can get one cheaply vacation on the farm and at the same time supply yourself with fresh natural products. This should be an eventful vacation on the farm, especially for families with children.

How do you find a suitable farm?

By doing the “Country Pleasure” pitch guide buy. This lists the contact details of the farmers who provide a parking space for mobile homes or caravans on their farm. With the book you will receive a vignette that will be attached to the vehicle. There is also an app for the book that can be used to search for a participating company in the area. In the parking space guide, the farmers give information about their business and the conditions. You will find out whether a telephone registration is required or whether there is access to fresh water.

Where can I find a parking space?

The project covers parking spaces all over Germany. The number of participating farms is growing every year, so you can choose from a variety of options. You simply think about the region in which you want to go on holiday and then you search the hosts in this region for a suitable pitch. In the Black Forest, too, some farmers take part in the Landvergnügen project.

How long can the parking space be used?

For legal reasons, a maximum usage of 24 hours is specified. Therefore, the host's parking space can only be used for one night. The advantage of this is that you can visit and get to know many different companies in a short time.

How is the infrastructure on site?

This differs from company to company. Some can only make the parking space available on their private property. Others offer access to fresh water, showers and toilets or offer the use of their own WiFi. The information on this is all in the 'Landvergnügen - the other parking space guide', so that you can search for farms with the desired infrastructure in advance.

What does the pitch cost?

The parking space on the farm premises is free of charge.
But it is a nice gesture towards the host if you buy something in his farm shop.

What does the project bring the farmers?

Many of the hosts sell fresh, ecological products through a farm shop. Landvergnügen brings potential customers directly to the company with its concept. The products made by the company, for example eggs, fresh vegetables, honey or wine, can be bought directly from the farm during the stay and are therefore cheaper and fresher than from the supermarket. The project promotes the relationship with the farmers in the population, as people can experience life in the countryside first hand.

Conclusion: If you travel with the parking space guide and the vignette from Landvergnügen, then you support sustainable agriculture in Germany while you go on holiday in the country with the motorhome.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal