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Black Forest Hirschwasser

Black Forest Hirschwasser

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Where is the forest? Deer the forest! Almost everything has been said on the subject of the Black Forest, but not everything has been drawn by a long way.

The graphic artist and cartoonist Klaus Karlitzky finds in Black Forest is the ideal backdrop for his playful puns, which he skillfully translates into original “cartoons”. He traces the peculiarities of this very special area and its inhabitants, an area that is charged with feelings: dark and mystical, but also closer to heaven, full of nature, but also pressed into clichés and marketed internationally.

Karlitzky comes up with surprising and hilarious results. In this way, the reader rediscovers the familiar Black Forest insignia - from the »Hirschwasser« to the bollenhut up to the »clock forest«.

Karlitzky's drawings get right to the point and show us the daily madness - but also the beauty of it.

More info: http://www.silberburg.de/index.php?2032-SchwarzwA-lder-Hirschwasser