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Book cover: Death at the Schauinsland

Book presentation: Tod am Schauinsland

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The "English Change Luck" on April 17, 1936 and its consequences. A historical documentation

Many know the »English Monument« on Schauinsland, but only a few know the "Eaton memorial stone" or the "parent's plaque" on the church in Hofsgrund. Three "memorials" that are directly related to an event on April 17, 1936, which the book investigates after twenty years of research.

It reports on the march of the students from London through the snow-covered Black Forest that day and its catastrophic consequences: the death of five classmates. Against the background of the British "appeasement" policy and the aspirations of Hitler Germany for an alliance with England, neither Great Britain nor Nazi Germany had any interest in solving the case of negligent homicide. Instead, the National Socialists used it to stage a great fraudulent fraud between the English and German (Hitler) youth.

The book does away with the legends about a "sudden natural event" to which the students fell victim and sheds new light on what actually happened on the Schauinsland that day.

Published by Rombach Verlag 2021

More info: https://amzn.to/3UJwz8l