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New Wimmel Books: Ulm and Ravensburg

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Ulm is teeming with

The popular hidden object books are now continuing their triumphant advance in Ulm, because there is a lot going on - around the minster, at the town hall, on the banks of the Danube and in Neu-Ulm, it is teeming with the Nabada and the jousting of course. The whole thing under the motto: discover new things and rediscover the old. Who is the first to find the lion man, the tailor from Ulm or the Ulm sparrow? Great fun for the whole family!

Ravensburg is teeming with

Now Ravensburg is swarming too. Whether at the fool's jump or at the weekly market, whether on Marienplatz or in the Flappachbad: life pulsates everywhere in the Upper Swabian city. The ice rink with its ice hockey games is not missing, as is the magical, snow-covered Christmas market. And of course not the most famous Ravensburger event either: the rod festival!