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Book presentation: Real Black Forests

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The journalist Gabriele Hennicke has a flair for people with extraordinary biographies. In her new book "Real Black Forests" she tells in 25 exciting, richly illustrated reports about women and men who turn their passion into a profession, realize their dreams and creatively use the special living conditions in the Black Forest.


There is the wood sculptor who develops and produces masks for centuries-old and newly founded carnival guilds. Nuclear power opponents who made it from the citizens' movement to green electricity provider. A business economist who becomes a miso maker. An agricultural biologist building a tea company. The young farmer for whom the preservation of a livestock breed is more important than a high milk yield. The ranger who made his life the Wutach Gorge prescribes. A chemical technician who turns her garden into a business area. The shepherd who only pursues his profession out of idealism and his joy in nature and animals. A young couple who, on their trip around the world, realize "that we have exchanged our culture for a globalized, less individual way of life in which everything has to be more and more effective, faster, higher, further." With the simplest means, however, a shepherd boy becomes an Olympic champion and a young man in search of his destiny becomes the king of cheesecake.


GABRIELE HENNICKE is a freelance journalist. she lives in Munster Valley and works in the Faust city of Staufen. Also published by Rombach Verlag: »Jenseits von bollenhut and Cuckoo clock. Inventors, pioneers and originals from the Black Forest «. http://www.schwarzwaldgeschichten.com