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Summer tips for the Black Forest

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Would you like to experience something this summer, but plan your well-deserved vacation within Germany? Then the Black Forest is a wonderful travel destination in Baden-Württemberg and can offer you a number of attractions. However, a beneficial break also needs to be well thought out and prepared so that you come back deeply relaxed at the end. We have put together a few tips for you so that you can relax and perhaps even gain romantic experiences during your Black Forest holiday. We want you to have a great time and are happy to help with the advice below.

1. Plan your route beforehand or improvise

The Black Forest offers you numerous places and particularly many sights. For example, Triberg waterfalls To avoid missing out, you can create an approximate itinerary in advance. So when you start your vacation, you already have certain points on your radar that you definitely want to check off. This will ensure that at the end of your trip you have seen the most beautiful places in the Black Forest. Structure the entire trip or at least plan stops where you explore the places that are some of the region's well-known attractions.

Of course you are also free to just let it come to you. In that case, however, you should at least look for an accommodation from which to start your journey through the Black Forest. There are many hotels and guesthouses in the region where you can stay and plan the next day spontaneously.

2. Find your perfect companion online

Would you like to take a break, haven't come out yet and are you looking for a discreet companion? Then you should be over gay dating looking for a man with whom your vacation will be a real delight. But even if you simply don't have a partner at the moment, you can search online for the perfect companion and maybe even get to know your dream prince. After all, a good time is best spent in good company and many gays are on the lookout. What could be better than a joint trip to the picturesque Black Forest.

Find someone with the same interests to explore the region with. Visit the hippest sights during the day and exchange ideas over a romantic candlelight dinner in the fairytale atmosphere of a rustic restaurant in the evening hours. Don't just treat yourself to a break, combine your vacation with getting to know your Mr. Right. Even if all it ends up being is having a wonderful time together, finding the right companion is something to consider.

3. Make the most of your trip

With a trip to the Black Forest, you are choosing a place that is particularly often associated with the fairy tales of the brothers Grimm is connected. A fairytale region where many enchanting places and even more regional attractions await you. Whether you feel like a long hike or are looking forward to a city trip - you will not be disappointed. Especially not if you have really found the perfect travel companion in advance.

Just wander around to enjoy nature

Do you enjoy spending your time in the great outdoors and would like to explore beautiful corners of the Black Forest? A Trip to Titisee In this case it's definitely worth it, because you not only get an idyllic lake landscape, but you can also hike directly into the surrounding forests. The Black Forest National Park is home to many beautiful natural areas, including the Triberg waterfalls. The perfect place to stop on a hike and take in nature.

With a hike and the Höllental crossing you will automatically pass numerous sights. Collect different impressions with your companions, taking the region deep into your heart.

Visit beautiful small towns

Enhance your stay by visiting the region's small, picturesque towns. Whether you are interested in Freiburg decide in Breisgau or Discover Unterkirnach want - it's like a journey into long-forgotten times. The small towns have a fairytale village character and are also known to be associated with numerous fairy tales and poems.

Try authentic Black Forest church cake

An absolute must if you are on holiday in the region: the Black Forest church cake. Especially in the company of your romantic companion, you will feel like heaven when you taste this delicious chocolate cake. It is known throughout Germany, but the original is only found in the Black Forest region, for which people from all over the country come to Baden-Württemberg. Experience a treat together with your companion, which tastes even better in a fairytale setting.


If you want to treat yourself to a break and have a romantic experience, the Black Forest is definitely worth it. With gay online dating, you will probably quickly find someone who will be happy to accompany you on this journey and with whom you can have a wonderful time.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal