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Gourmet block for 2024 published

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Experience new flavors and experiences with the voucher gourmet block!

The gourmet block makes it easier to experience new flavors and experiences. These are easy on the wallet and motivate you to try out the culinary insider tip on site as well as the sport that is currently popular among your friends. The total value of the vouchers is several hundred euros per block. With the second voucher redeemed, the purchase is usually worth it. celebrates 20 years of Schlemmerblock with the anniversary edition. With 2:1 offers from gastronomy, leisure and wellness, the block is valid until December 01.12.2024st, 20. Singles, families or groups benefit from special offers. “Prices like 9,92 years ago” is the motto - the gourmet block is available from just €XNUMX*. Fotios Toulatos, Managing Director of VMG, would like to thank the loyal customers with the unbeatable price.

Enjoy the advantages of the new gastronomy and leisure block!

When you visit a participating restaurant, you receive the second main course of the same value or cheaper for free. Vouchers for breakfast, buffets or cocktails also work. Cinemas, theaters, leisure and sports facilities, swimming pools and saunas are also included in the block. If you want to move your consumption to your own four walls, you can also receive a discount on collection or delivery from some providers.

Discover your savings potential with the voucher gourmet block!

The gourmet block increases the savings potential and allows you to experience other flavors and experiences. The total value of the vouchers is several hundred euros per block. After redeeming the second voucher, the purchase was already worth it. The block allows people to discover new restaurants, cafés and leisure activities and share their passion for good food, fun and relaxation.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal