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Everyone is waiting for the gingerbread woman

Book presentation: Everyone is waiting for the gingerbread woman

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A Christmas story from the Black Forest

Ida is excited. For the first time she is allowed to accompany her grandmother over the mountains into the town behind the big forest. Ida's grandmother is the gingerbread woman. She brings Todtmooser Lebkuchen for Christmas. But storm and snow stopped the two. At the bakery they pack their baskets and set off. You have no idea what exciting things you will experience along the way. 

Behind the large forest, Jakob wonders whether the gingerbread woman has forgotten them all. If it doesn't come, Mother said, it can't be Christmas. Jacob secretly goes looking for it. He has to save Christmas.

A fairytale story about the famous Todtmooser Lebkuchen for Christmas by Heidi Knoblich, magically illustrated by Martina Mair.

More info: https://goo.gl/JtM91K