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The Baden calendar for 2017

The well-known folk calendar guides you through the year with a Baden attitude towards life. The exciting reading part is all about Baden topics - with contributions in kind about special museums and exhibitions in Baden or about the last frozen sea on Lake Constance, with a portrait of the Markgräflerland and a portrait of the popular musician Sean Treacy, who lives in Karlsruhe. The 500 years Reformation and 1250 years Bretten anniversaries are reasons for larger articles.

The »Bote« gives an outlook on Heimattage 2017 in Karlsruhe and takes the reader on a trip on the new excursion ship »MS Schluchsee«.

Several articles are dedicated to the title topic »Bicycles, Soccer, Leisure Time«. Typical Baden sports and leisure activities such as fistball or boules are presented as well as Europa-Park in Rust and attractive hiking and cycling tours in the Black Forest. There is also a look back at 200 years of bicycles - from the draisine to the e-bike. These and many other articles and pictures are supplemented by entertaining calendar stories, jokes and dialect poems. The calendar section also has something special to offer, for example the pollen calendar or weather observations from the centenary calendar.

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