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Black Forest News

The "English Change Luck" on April 17, 1936 and its consequences. A historical documentation Many people know the »English Monument« on the Schauinsland, but only a few know the »Eaton memorial stone«
The journalist Gabriele Hennicke has a flair for people with extraordinary biographies. In her new book "Echte Schwarzwälder" she tells in 25 exciting, rich
New books for hikers in the Black Forest appeared: Adventure hikes in the Black Forest National Park The Schliffkopf, the Allerheiligen waterfalls, the Wildsee - they have all been part of the new one, only since
Bitcoin in the Black Forest? The Black Forest is very popular with tourists every year. This is hardly surprising, as the Black Forest is unique in Germany. Because
The Black Forest, one of the largest regions in Germany, is a popular holiday destination. Located in the border triangle (France / Germany / Switzerland), it is considered one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. Especially
The Black Forest as Germany's highest and largest low mountain range is a magnet for numerous tourists year after year. But the Black Forest has much more than that
- what development potential does the region have? The Black Forest is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Germany. In addition to tourism also owns the watch and clock
The legendary folk calendar has been leading through the year with a Baden lifestyle for over 200 years. In addition to the popular, detailed calendar and information on harvest and sowing times
Easy hikes in the Black Forest Easy hikes in the Black Forest Lars and Annette Freudenthal suggest 50 tours for pleasure hikers in this volume. The tours between Waldshut
It is teeming along the Rems The new Wimmelbuch by Christl Schlag shows what is going on in the Rems Valley. It swarms upstream and downstream. Lorch Monastery
When the Konrmäuse go on tour in the city of squares, it is swarming tremendously, and in all places where you have been in Mannheim
In the new books from Silberburgverlag there are great tips for hikes with the little ones, for alpine hikers and a book with special ones
Two new thrillers have been published by Silberburgverlag: Kuckuckssohn When an inheritance divides the family Schwäbisch Gmünd: When the patriarch of a Swabian entrepreneurial family dies, they dive
As a leisure and adventure resort, Europa-Park offers its visitors new attractions and exciting moments for friends and families every year. Also in 2019
The Baden folk calendar The legendary Lahrer Hinkende Bote has been guiding you through the year with a Baden lifestyle for over 200 years. In addition to the popular, detailed calendar and
The Black Forest biosphere area is characterized by a unique settlement, economic and mining history. This development also shaped the grandiose mountain landscape: unique forest images, extensive pasture fields,
Deadly ski jumping in the Black Forest During the ski jumping summer grand prix on the Adlerschanze in Hinterzarten, the body of a young girl is found in the nearby Adlerweiher. The
Pure hiking pleasure Experience the Black Forest from its most beautiful sides! Let yourself be pampered in wonderfully situated mountain huts and inns or enjoy the view from
The bathing lake guide for southern Baden In the ultimate dredger and bathing lake guide "SeenSüchtig" 57 lakes between Freiburg and Bühl are presented. Here the lover of
Lingering half the morning at a leisurely breakfast? Never mind - with this hiking guide you will learn the uniquely beautiful and varied landscape in the Black Forest
When Inspector Malte Jacobsen visits the Roman east fort in Welzheim, he stumbles straight into his next murder case: a corpse was buried in the fort well. Jacobsen
The 33 most beautiful hikes around Stuttgart Hiking on the doorstep In Stuttgart itself, the mountain peaks are rather manageable, for example the »Monte Scherbelino«, the
The most beautiful bicycle tours in South Baden Book Description: If you want, you can pedal up to the summit, if you like it more comfortable, take the e-bike. And who is neither athletic
During his morning inspection, Max Sachs, master brewer at the Rothaus State Brewery, noticed immediately that something was wrong. The hatch stood on one of the brew kettles
Florian Buchmann, former SC Freiburg player and now a delicatessen and wine merchant in a town on the Kaiserstuhl, is facing his next exciting criminal case: Ulla,
Where is the forest? Deer the forest! Almost everything has been said on the subject of the Black Forest, but not everything has been drawn by a long way. The graphic artist and cartoonist
For 25 years one of the most varied holiday routes has led through the most beautiful regions of the Black Forest: the German Clock Route. Hansy Vogt, musician, comedian, presenter and official
In the past few decades, many railway lines in Baden-Württemberg have been shut down - and in some places the old railway lines have become formidable taxiways. The peculiarity of this
The new Black Forest biosphere area includes the most beautiful areas of the Black Forest. Dieter Buck, the well-known hiking book author, has the most attractive tours in the new for this book