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Country Pleasure 2023

Country fun - the pitch guide is 10 years old

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If you're looking for a comprehensive and inspirational RV park guide, I can provide it Country Pleasures Book highly recommend!

This unique campervan guide offers you a wealth of ideas and options to make your next motorhome trip an unforgettable experience. However, "Landvergnügen" is more than just an ordinary parking space guide - it is a real treasure of beautiful and varied places in Germany that are just waiting to be discovered by you.

In this book you will find a hand-picked selection of over 1400 RV sites provided by real farmers and winemakers. The special thing about it is that you not only get a place to stay, but also have the opportunity to experience life on the farm or winery up close. Whether it's the grape harvest, shearing sheep or milking the cows - here you can get to know and enjoy country life in all its facets.

The book "Landvergnügen" is very clearly structured and, in addition to a description of the individual pitches, also offers you a lot of information about the respective hosts, their businesses and regional characteristics. In addition, you can see on a clear map where the parking spaces are located and how you can best get there.

Personally, I think "Landvergnügen" is just great and can only warmly recommend it to all motorhome fans and travel enthusiasts. With this book, you are guaranteed to have new, unforgettable travel experiences and get to know country life in Germany from a whole new perspective.

Inside of Country Pleasure 2023
Inside of Country Pleasure 2023
Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal