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New thrillers: The Red Diary and Enlightenment Sold

New thrillers: The Red Diary and Enlightenment Sold

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The red diary

Baden-Württemberg crime thriller

Murder in Tübingen. Chief Inspector Pit "Blood Dog" Mueller is investigating. With the help of his eccentric friend Wilhelm, he finds out that a similar murder was committed in Hamburg. The victim was a granddaughter of the US attorney who directed the Marilyn Monroe case. Marilyn's diary should have played a decisive role at the time, had it not been for the mysterious circumstances of its disappearance ...

Info: https://amzn.to/3SIkduD

Sold enlightenment

Baden-Württemberg crime thriller

A young woman is found dead in the Lautertal near Ulm. She was a member of a community of sannyasins who live there according to the teachings of Osho - formerly Bhagwan. The Ulm inspector Zita Gehring delves deep into the seemingly ideal world and encounters jealousy, disillusionment and complications that go back to the dramatic events in the heyday of the Bhagwan cult in the 1980s.

Info: https://amzn.to/3T1o3QY