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Summit rush & snack break

New book: Summit Rush & Snack Break

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The outdated image of hiking is long gone. Florian Bechert from Freiburg inspires children, young people and adults for this hip hobby. In his new tour guide “Summit Rush & Vesper Break” he reveals 40 adventurous routes around Freiburg in the southern Black Forest.

Why hiking? The father of seven, Florian Bechert, knows this question too well. But the 50-year-old has managed to ensure that none of his children ask exactly this question. As soon as they were able to lace up their hiking boots, he would take them through wild gorges, to comfortable benches with a view or to a soccer field with a height feeling. Bechert sets a few criteria so that everyone can have fun hiking: short journeys, moderate climbs, nice places to chill out, brilliant views, rocks, waterfalls, snack breaks and – if along the route – an inn to stop off at.

For his new book, the author has 40 hikes in the areas Ballon, Elztal, Feldberg, Freiburg, Kaiserstuhl, Kandel and Schauinsland select. These include little-known routes such as the Goldsbach Gorge in Simonswald, the Kuriseck Spick in Obersexau or the Gschasifelsen in the Prechtal. When the temperature is hot, he recommends the ice holes in the Zastlertal or the Teichschlucht near Gütenbach and he knows how to avoid overcrowded hiking highways.

Bechert's stop-off tips range from sour cherry ice cream at Eckhof to cheese cream at Bäreneckle and Brägele at Gießhübel.

Each tour contains a detailed description of the route, a detailed map for orientation, information on how to get there, degree of difficulty and difference in altitude as well as GPS data.

More information with reading sample: https://amzn.to/3uDuuQN

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal