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Xaver in the watch country - Christmas with the Black Forest English

Xaver in the watch country - Christmas with the Black Forest English

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Among all the many Black Forest watchmakers and watch dealers who once moved all over the world, those who did their business in England stood out in particular. Because they, as successful traders, celebrated the customs brought with them from England such as drinking tea and the use of the English language, they were called "Black Forest English". 

Xaver from the watch village of St. Märgen wants to become a watch dealer in London, an Englishman from the Black Forest like Uncle Johann. Shepherd boys cannot become watch dealers, say the returned wealthy dealers who talk about their adventures in the watch country at the Kronenwirt. But one day Uncle Johann takes him to London as an assistant. But the father has one condition: Xaver has to prove by Christmas that he is good for the watch trade, otherwise he has to look after cows and goats at home again. He quickly learned to sell and repair watches. But then a great mishap happens to him before Christmas. Can Vicky, whose Black Forest grandfather owns a watch shop on London Bridge, help him out of trouble?

A story about homesickness and friendship in Christmassy London from the time of Queen Victoria, the great-great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Heidi Knoblich: Xaver in the watch country - Christmas with the Black Forest English 

Silberburg publishing house Tübingen

  • Illustrated by Martina Mair
  • 48 Seiten
  • 12 color drawings
  • Format: 21,5 26,5 cm x
  • the GeBin
  • 14,90 €
  • ISBN 978-3-8425-2063-9