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Embark on a wonderful journey with us and experience an unforgettable holiday. Enjoy the green meadows, the fresh and unspoiled air and the beautiful nature. The Black Forest offers its visitors a special level of hospitality, relaxation and an equally large amount of possibilities Leisure activities. Hotels, guesthouses and holiday apartments with excellent service will enhance your holiday and give you new energy. Because the most precious and beautiful days of the year should be used.

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The Black Forest, with its dense forests, picturesque villages and idyllic landscapes, is a dream destination for many who are looking for a quiet and natural life
Bad Krozingen
Shopping in the Black Forest: MAC Outlet in Bad Krozingen Bad Krozingen, a picturesque town in the southern Black Forest, is not only known for its thermal baths. It houses
The Black Forest region is not only popular with German tourists for its picturesque landscape, culinary delights and diverse leisure activities. People come here

You will find many beautiful ones at www.schwarzwaldportal.com Hotels, Accommodation, Guesthouses and inns and numerous beautiful excursion destinations for your vacation. Sports and fitness enthusiasts also don't miss out. Wellness offers are also sufficiently available on the site Wellness hotels we have prepared a detailed list.

There are also a variety of options for excursions. There is something for culture enthusiasts as well as friends of activity and nature. Go on a relaxing excursion through the Basel Zoo or through the Steinwasen Park. A balanced relationship between relaxation and entertainment for both adults and children. Last but not least, the Okidoki Kinderland with its giant slide, climbing towers, bouncy castles and the huge area for toddlers. There is a lot to discover and experience.

You can find countless information in our “Infopoint” section. You will find an overview there Thermal baths in the Black Forest, countless portraits of the cities and places and and and. 

If you are curious about what the weather is like on Feldberg, take a look at our collection from webcams to Feldberg. There you will find current photos that can give you an impression of the weather conditions. 

Whether you prefer it quiet or entertaining. The vacation will definitely be an experience. Let yourself be surprised!

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The region around the Black Forest is one of the most popular holiday regions in Germany today, after all, varied natural areas, mountain and hiking trails await the traveler here, many
Anyone who speaks of the Martinstor must mention the Schwabentor in the same breath. Both towers are closely connected, because they once belonged to the Freiburger
The Black Forest is not only known for its excellent culinary specialties, such as the Black Forest cake, but also for its special flora and fauna. as