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Schwarzwaldhochstrasse in the northern Black Forest

Black Forest High Road

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The most beautiful street for guests of the Black Forest

The Black Forest High Road runs at an altitude of 800 to 1000 meters. Over 60 kilometers in length of Freudenstadt to Baden - Baden.

In 1930 they began to connect older roads from the valleys to the high altitudes. The sense and intended use was that the existing hotels could be reached more easily by the guest. From 1938 to 1941 the road between Ruhestein and Alexanderschanze was completed through a nature reserve. Since 1952, the entire route has been continuously from Freudenstadt up to Baden-Baden passable.

Over the years, some restaurants, such as B. the luxury hotel Bühlerhöhe closed. In the meantime, however, plans have been developed to make the Black Forest High Road more attractive again. Businesses with more comfort for conference guests are to be built and accommodations for families with children are to be created. The Schwazwaldhochstrasse hiking paradise is being upgraded in terms of tourism and with its many beauties, especially for active tourists and hikers, is attractive.

Start in Freudenstadt

Freudenstadt market square

On the eastern edge of the northern Black Forest lies Freudenstadt on a sunny plateau. The picturesque cityscape is grouped around the largest, built-up market square in Germany. The city was almost completely destroyed in World War II. The planners and urban developers have preserved the beautiful ambience of the old residential town and harmoniously combined it with today's modern.

Beauties to the right and left of the Black Forest High Road

From Freudenstadt from the rises Black Forest High Road to the village of Kniebis. Endless forests have made the place a popular travel destination for years. The Schwarzwaldhochstraße visitor center, which opened in 2009, tells the story of the street and the places that lie along the way. The begins just 6 km away National park Black Forest. In summer, well-developed and signposted hiking trails lure into the surrounding area and in winter, the ski stadium and well-groomed cross-country ski trails delight holidaymakers.

Nature and sport come together in the village of Refuge. Right on National park Located here, visitors immerse themselves in the untouched nature, flora and fauna of the Black Forest.

Magnificent views of the Maisachtal, the Oppenau and the Rhine plain arise here. Many a paraglyder starts from Rossbühl and draws wide circles over the heights of the Black Forest.

The path leads past "Schliffkopf" and "Ruhestein". Mummelsee. The largest cirque lake in the Black Forest is located at an altitude of 1032 m. This highest lake and, with a circumference of 800 meters, the largest ice age lake in the northern Black Forest is located directly on the Black Forest High Road. The lake with the 100 meter high Karwand forms a great panorama Hornisgrind.

Black Forest is a worthwhile travel destination in every season

The road continues to Unterstmatt. In winter, a ski circus with floodlights, restaurants and an après ski temple attracts winter sports enthusiasts. Snowmaking ensures good conditions from November to March.

It's fast-paced in the ice channel of the bobsleigh run, a coaster, in the leisure center Mehliskopf to. Not only in winter, but also in summer there is the thrill when the bobsleigh shoots down on steel runners at 40 km / h. Those who don't have it with speed prefer to look for the kick in the climbing garden or archery.

The only one begins further west Via ferrata in the region over the Karlsruhe ridge.

Winter is the highlight in the snow park for ski lovers.

For winter sports enthusiasts, the Ruhestein is a starting point because of the Spungschanze, the ski lifts and the numerous cross-country trails.

A Black Forest gem

Before the road the Black Forest National park Leaving north again, there is the opportunity to take a detour to a real gem. Magnificent forests and idyllic lakes surround the nearby Forbach. The landmark of the pretty town is the 200 year old covered wooden bridge that crosses the Murg. Forbach's history is full of evidence of ancient craftsmanship. The Murg Valley Museum is a good address for this. Ebet-Mühle and Backhäusle give further insights into the history of Forbach.

The most important attraction of Forbach, in addition to the historical gems at 670 meters above sea level, is the Schwarzenbach dam. Its extent of two kilometers makes it the largest dam in the central and northern Black Forest.

End point, the world-famous spa town of Baden-Baden

Already at the time of the Romans came Baden-Baden through his Thermal springs greatest importance. Today the spa attracts guests with its mineral springs, but also as a cultural center in the northern Black Forest. Opera, musicals and concerts take place in the Festspielhaus, the second largest concert hall in Europe. Various museums, the State Art Gallery and internationally significant galleries give the city a cosmopolitan character.

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