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The market square of Freudenstadt


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Location: Freudenstadt
Einwohner: 23750

The climatic health resort of Freudenstadt is a town in the southwest of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg between Offenburg in the west (approx. 36 km away) and Tübingen in the east (approx. 47 km away). The city, which together with Heide (Holstein) has Germany's largest market square (216 by 219 metres), is the district seat and the second largest city in the Freudenstadt district after Horb am Neckar. It forms a middle center in the area of ​​the upper center of Pforzheim, to whose middle area the towns and communities Alpirsbach, Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach, Baiersbronn, Betzweiler-Wälde, Dornstetten, Glatten, Grömbach, Lossburg, Pfalzgrafenweiler, Schopfloch, Seewald, Waldachtal and Wörnersberg.

Freudenstadt has been a major district town since January 1st, 1988. The city of Freudenstadt has agreed an administrative partnership with the municipalities of Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach and Seewald.


Freudenstadt is located in the north-eastern Black Forest on a pass between the partially cut valley of the Forbach flowing into the Murg and the headwaters of the Glatt flowing to the Neckar, not far from the source of the Kinzig.

City arrangement

The urban area of ​​Freudenstadt is divided into the core city and the districts Dietersweiler (with Lauterbad), Grüntal-Frutenhof, Igelsberg, Kniebis, Musbach (with Obermusbach and Untermusbach) and Wittlensweiler. These are partly formerly independent communities, but partly also settlements that were settled from Freudenstadt and were not independent communities. In every district there is a mayor and usually also an administrative office, where the most important administrative matters can be dealt with on site.

In addition, there are sometimes other residential areas or residential areas with their own names, which, however, usually have very few residents. These include Christophstal, Langenhardt, Langenwaldsee, Oberer and Unterer Zwieselberg and Oberes Stutztal.