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Climbing in the Black Forest

Climbing in the Black Forest - discover new areas

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Experiencing the Black Forest vertically is an absolute highlight for all climbers. Perfect starting points lead to beautiful via ferratas. Children love to scramble and overcome obstacles. The Black Forest also offers some great opportunities for the whole family to start climbing together.

Climbing in the great outdoors lets unimagined strength grow and when you look back with pride and enjoy the great view from the summit with your knees still trembling, big and small grow together in a very special way and become a committed team.

Diverse climbing in the southern Black Forest

The southern Black Forest is considered the most beautiful region because of its wild gorges and mountains up to 1500 meters high. Dense forests alternate with flowering meadows and fertile vineyards.

Kandelfelsen near St. Peter

The most famous for enthusiastic climbers is the Kandelfelsen near St. Peter. On the western slope of the Kandel the rock is at an altitude of 1100 meters. Around eighty different tours are possible around the Kandel. You can choose between moderately difficult tours, but also very strenuous approaches. As a reward there is a great view over the Rhine valley plain and to the Vosges with an almost alpine flair.

"Gfäll" near Oberried

The “Gfäll” near Oberried near Freiburg is the largest and most popular climbing area in the southern Black Forest. Scattered on the western slope of the Hochfahrn are the rocks with a height of up to 70 meters. More than 100 different tours with different levels of difficulty and lengths from 10 to 100 meters. Due to the very good rock quality, good protection is possible on all routes. This means that even beginners and families have no problems finding the right tour for themselves. The large rock complexes are home to numerous animal and plant species.

With a wall height of 100 meters, the disk cliffs rise up from the Zastertal. However, you can only climb up to a height of 30 meters on the lower rocks. The rock faces are particularly suitable for demanding climbers because of the steeply sloping rock faces. 27 tours from 5 to 8 degrees are possible, the climber must also have a 60 meter long rope.

Climbing in the Schlüchtal

The deeply cut Schlüchtal has a grandiose rock landscape. The varied routes on the up to 100 meter high cliffs already have an alpine character.

Ecologically valuable and species-rich flora and fauna gather on the rocks and rubble heaps. 200 routes with 3 to 10 degrees and a climbing length of up to 60 meters are worthwhile climbing opportunities for pleasure climbers, families and also performance climbers.

Windbergfelsen near St. Blasien

The Windbergfelsen is located on a sunny southern slope above St. Blasien. Easy routes, easy access and large flat areas make this climbing area very popular, especially with beginners and families. 80 routes from 2 to 9 degrees and a length of 5 to 30 meters meet all requirements.

Altvogelbachfels near Badenweiler

The Altvogelbachfels is in the shade and for demanding climbers Badenweiler. 60 routes lead from 5 to 8 degrees over a wall height of 10 to 25 meters wall height.

Friction climbing in the Middle Black Forest

The special type of climbing is sloping and friction climbing. Round, poorly structured and sloping handles are characteristic of sloping. This type of climbing is often completely new and unfamiliar to beginners and beginners. The form of weathering in the Central Black Forest, wool sack weathering, causes this type of climbing.

He is known for that Teufelsfelsen near Gremmelsbach. The solid granite rock has 40 well-secured routes to conquer.

The climbing on is also similar Windeck rock in Hornberg with 22 routes and degrees of difficulty from 3 to 7 and a little easier on Falkenstein with 21 well secured routes in Schramberg.

Nature experience in the northern Black Forest

An extraordinary rock world welcomes you Climbers in the Battert nature reserve near Baden-Baden. The rugged porphyry rocks are a challenge for beginners and advanced. The rocks are the most important climbing area for sport climbers in the Black Forest. However, the scree field at Battert is a protected biotope that may not be entered. The Battert Rocks are 15 to 55 meters high. The picturesque rock outcrops offer a wealth of different routes with different levels of difficulty. Climbing is mainly on the walls between the "Badener Wand" and the "Drei Halte". The most difficult climbing section is "Der Block" with difficulty level 10.

Climbing techniques can be practiced on the jagged porphyry rocks on the various walls and cracks, roofs and chimneys. There are even places for children where they can try climbing.

Information and equipment are essential

In many regions there are nature conservation laws, seasonal rock closures and climbing rules as prerequisites for climbing. You should therefore obtain information from the municipal authorities or the tourist association before starting your climbing trip. The requirements for equipment with ropes and wedges are also very different depending on the area, as the safeguards in the climbing areas differ from each other.

In any case, good information will help you plan your trip for a perfect climbing holiday.