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Triberg waterfall

Triberg Waterfalls – the highest non-Alpine waterfalls

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Location: Triberg
Suitable for prams: no

The climatic health resort of Triberg offers its visitors a very special kind of natural sensation:

The most beautiful non-Alpine waterfalls in Germany are in the Black Forest

The water of the Gutach falls into the valley basin in two mighty falls from a total height of 163 meters. The upper cascade consists of three main stages and has a drop height of 16m. The lower cascade with seven main steps has a drop height of 92m.

Between the two cascades there is a steep torrent section of about 51 meters. The total section of the falls is 260 meters.

Besides these There are many more waterfalls in the Black Forest. In terms of height, the Triberg waterfalls are only exceeded by the Kuhwandel waterfalls in Bavaria (270 m), the Königsbachfall (200 m) and the Röthbachfall, which is Germany's highest waterfall with a drop of almost 470 meters. The Todtnau waterfalls in the southern Black Forest, as well as the All Saints Waterfalls are among the most worth seeing falls in the Black Forest.

But they count, along with the historic old town of Triberg and the largest cuckoo clock in the world, undoubtedly one of the most impressive sights in the Black Forest and attract thousands of visitors every year.

The falls are most impressive during the spring melt season or during heavy rains. Then the cascading masses of water are of such overwhelming size and strength that every visitor lingers in awe.

If you want to experience the natural wonder more from its quiet side, you should arrive in winter. At temperatures below 0 °C, the waterfalls freeze and show themselves from a completely different side than in summer. Then, on the one hand, there are fewer people on the move, and on the other hand, the visitor gets to see unique, beautiful ice formations and sculptures.

Location and accessibility of Triberg

The place is located in an idyllic deep valley, in the middle Schwarzwald at the junction of B33/B500. The nearest larger cities are Villingen-Schwenningen (approx. 32 km) and Freiburg (approx. 45 km). Visitors can either come by car Arrive by train or bus:

  • Cars: Visitors who drive their own car e.g. B. from Karlsruhe in the Black Forest If you are arriving, take the A5 to the Offenburg / Villingen-Schwennigen exit, then continue on the B33 to Triberg. Or from Basel Coming from the A5, take the Freiburg-Nord exit, then take the B294 towards Elzach. Shortly after Elzach we continue on the L107 to the finish.
    If you are coming from Stuttgart or Constance, take the A81 to the Villingen-Schwenningen exit and from Villingen-Schwenningen take the B33 in the direction of St. Georgen to Triberg.
    You can park in the parking garage in the city center in the immediate vicinity of the waterfall main entrance (about 3 minutes walk, 100 meters uphill). Further parking spaces can be found at Bergsee 750 meters uphill (approx. 8 minutes' walk) at Scheffelplatz 500 meters away (approx. 5 minutes' walk) or at the upper entrance at Adelheid (50-150 meters away).
  • Train: The best train connection to Triberg train station can be found here: German Federal Railroad. From the train station, the excursion destination can be easily reached in about 25 minutes on foot.
  • Bus: Day trips to Triberg are offered by many bus companies. If you prefer to organize your journey yourself, you can also get to Villingen-Schwenningen quite cheaply with the Flixbus. From there you can get to your destination in about 265 minutes by bus number 55.
    It is quicker to take a taxi (23 minutes). However, this costs between 65-80 €. It's probably better to continue by train. This also only takes 23 minutes and costs just €6,35 – €9.

The Triberg waterfalls: 5 entrances for a unique experience!

The waterfalls can be easily reached from all sides via five different entrances. The main entrance is just a few minutes' walk from the city center.

There are other entrances at Bergsee, Scheffelplatz, on Adelheid and behind the Asklepios Clinic.

Barrier-free to the waterfall

The entrance behind the Asklepios Clinic is up to the 1st platform Barrier-free for wheelchair users. From the platform you can look directly at the impressive cascades.

The waterfalls, which are illuminated every day until around 22 p.m., are accessible all year round unforgettable experience for young and old. Children will also be thrilled. A special attraction for little visitors are the friendly squirrels, who can also be fed.

Unfortunately not suitable for prams

The natural paths in the waterfall area are easy to walk on but not suitable for prams. By the way: the falling water ionizes the surrounding air. An effect that is particularly beneficial for colds and asthma.

hike waterfalls

The fascinating world of Waterfalls near Triberg Visitors can explore on several well-signposted routes. If Natural path, cultural path, cascade path or Panorama. All routes have their own peculiarities. To give just one example: On the cultural path you walk just a few meters further uphill from the main entrance and you already reach the lower cascade.

There is a wooden walkway directly above the pool along with a viewing platform, which offers a perfect view of the natural spectacle. Anyone standing here can almost feel the rushing water on their skin. The route continues over several switchbacks up to the Scheffel Bridge and the upper waterfall. From here you walk on the Kaskadenweg, past a Nature high ropes course up to Mountain lake.

Hikers can regain their strength in the Bergseestüble before passing the more than 300-year-old Pilgrimage church Maria an der Tanne goes back to the main entrance.

Triberg Christmas magic

Every year a special event takes place in Triberg between Christmas and New Year's Eve: the Triberg Christmas Magic. More than a million lights create a sparkling sea of ​​lights. There are also fire shows five times a day and many international artists present over 140 stage shows.
Younger visitors also get their money's worth, as there is a magical Christmas children's world as well as a colorful program and a storyteller. A great Christmas trip for the whole family!

Is a visit to the Triberg waterfalls in the Black Forest worth it?

Definitely worth a visit. They are among the highest and most famous waterfalls in Germany. The impressive natural backdrop, the hiking trails all around and the fresh Black Forest air make the trip particularly attractive.

What are the Triberg waterfalls exactly?

They are an impressive natural attraction in the Black Forest. With a total height of 163 meters, they are the highest waterfalls in Germany that are not in the Alps. The water cascades down a wooded slope, creating a picturesque spectacle.

Where can I park?

There are several parking options in Triberg city center, which are just a few minutes' walk from the nearest entrance.

What makes the Triberg waterfalls so popular and worth seeing?

With their impressive height of 163 meters, they are the highest in Germany. They are known for their spectacular natural beauty, which is mesmerizing at any time of the year. They are also easily accessible and located in the middle of a picturesque Black Forest.

Images courtesy of Photo by Marvball on Pixabay, Photo by juergenlaakmann on Pixabay and mira.drozdowski.gmx.de

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