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Camping in the Black Forest

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If the pandemic has shown us anything, it is that we should find ourselves again. The unwanted deceleration was good for many people, so that from now on you want to listen to yourself and your body more. To a certain extent, this development has also inherently influenced leisure activities. For many people in Germany, the fast-moving is passé from now on. The feeling of freedom, which one rarely gets at the moment, is alternatively sought elsewhere. Two years of a pandemic can therefore clearly leave their mark and affect the mood. For this reason, many Germans are now looking for the feeling of freedom in nature. When hiking, you can often clear your head. A pastime that has not really been well received by the population for a long time. There is now even a real trend when it comes to hiking and hiking Attractions goes. Apps were developed and launched that show suitable hiking trails in the area as quickly as possible. Depending on your own feelings and ambition, certain levels of difficulty can be selected. But holiday travel has also changed in this respect. More and more Germans are drawn to nature. Holiday homes or campsites are now popular. Of course, you have to keep in mind that the number of alternative offers has decreased significantly due to the pandemic.

Aim for a holiday in a tent with the family

Many Germans have discovered traveling within their own country in the last two years. Germany has always had a lot to offer, especially for nature enthusiasts. One of the most popular travel destinations in Germany, for example, is the Black Forest in southern Baden-Württemberg. There have been enormous upgrades in the camping area here over the last few decades. Anyone who only sees the Black Forest with spas and... Cuckoo clock in connection with this, a lot of the potential of the beautiful region will have to be lost. In the last two years, camping in particular has become very popular. Camping sites in the Black Forest directly on the lake are ideal as a family outing. You can actually live well with your own tent under the open sky. Plus, the kids will love it. Only the choice of tent should play a fundamental role in advance, as the trip can quickly fall apart. Literally. At a tent test should be looked at when choosing the right and optimal model for the trip. After all, it should be more of a robust variant of the tent if you decide to camp in the Black Forest.

It doesn't have to be "back to the roots".

However, if you don't want to go "back to the roots" in a tent, you can also take a look at the variety of camping sites in and around the Black Forest. Here, the family trip can easily turn into a wellness holiday. Nevertheless, nature-related trips in a tent and experiences can also go hand in hand with a visit to a campsite. The campsite at Schluchsee in this case combines the beautiful landscape with a bright blue lake.

Image courtesy of Photo by Schäferle on Pixabay