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Biking on the Feldberg

Sport in the Black Forest: Holidaymakers should know that

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The Black Forest is a popular holiday region in Germany. Active vacationers in particular are always drawn to the mountains in Baden-Württemberg. But what sport can you do here? And what makes the Black Forest so attractive? The following article answers these questions.

Hikes in the Black Forest

Which mountain range in Germany is more suitable for extensive hikes than the Black Forest? If you like to be out in nature and can hardly wait to pack your hiking boots, this is the right holiday destination for you.

In the Black Forest, both half-day and full-day routes await enthusiastic hikers. So there is something for everyone. Be it a panoramic tour that offers a wonderful view over the Black Forest, or the "Durbacher Weinpanorama" gourmet trail, which focuses more on the outstanding wines of the Black Forest - there are numerous destinations and paths for hikers.

There are both easy and medium hikes. For experienced athletes there are also harder routes where you really work up a sweat. Since the Black Forest is known for its hiking trails, the region has developed its own app for holidaymakers. In this way, individual tours can be easily planned and contested. Beginners don't have to worry about getting lost.

E-bike riding in the Black Forest

Biking has always been a popular sport. But for those who have little practice on a bike, a tour through the Black Forest can quickly become too much. Here the e-bike is recommended as an alternative.

An e-bike can be ridden in exactly the same way as a bicycle – only easier because a practical motor is installed. It is particularly important take out e-bike insurance. Because such vehicles are not exactly cheap. If a defect should occur, the insurance company will step in.

The Black Forest offers many tours that are suitable for both e-bike riders and conventional cyclists. For example, the bike tour around the southern Black Forest, which requires only a small increase in altitude, is popular. Cyclists can start on the Feldberg and go over Basel or Lörrach drive. The bike path is asphalted and therefore easy to navigate. Then it continues Bonndorf and then to Stühlingen until you get to Wutach lands. The Rhine is already waiting here and offers a wonderful view.

The bike tour finally leads to Freiburg and then to Kirchzarten. This means holidaymakers can see as much of the Black Forest as possible and, in addition to the beautiful nature, can also admire the attractive cities.

By the way: The Black Forest also offers great routes and terrain for mountain bikers. Everyone who likes to travel on two wheels will find something to do here.

Climbing in the Black Forest

What would a mountain range as large as the Black Forest be without high ropes courses? In fact, you can go indoors and outdoors in the Black Forest climb, but it is still considered a real insider tip. The high ropes courses and facilities are recommended for beginners. If you already have experience in climbing or bouldering, you can also venture out into nature. Natural rocks and easy to difficult climbing routes await active holidaymakers here.

The most popular are the climbing rocks Battert in Baden-Baden, Karlsruher Grat in Ottenhöfen, Falkenfelsen in Bad Herrenalb and Kandelfelsen in St. Peter. However, there are many other rocks that invite you to climb. Basically, anyone who wants to climb is best advised on the western slope of the Black Forest. Also the south - where it is most mountainous - you will find many climbing rocks.

Different rocks have different restrictions. Getting in and out is not the same everywhere and the climbing season also varies from rock to rock. So if you want to climb while on holiday in the Black Forest, you should inquire at the local tourist information office in advance.

Winter sports in the Black Forest

It's not just summer that's a popular time for vacationers - more and more people are also coming to the Black Forest during the winter months. Anyone who is enthusiastic about winter sports is definitely in the right place here.

downhill skis, Cross-country skiing, tobogganing, snow hiking or ice skating – the possibilities are almost endless. One of the most famous and largest Ski area is Feldberg. Here skiers can look forward to 30 kilometers of slopes. After all, this is where the most snow lies. On an average of 157 days per year there is a complete snow cover in Feldberg.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal