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Location: Titisee-Neustadt

Fascination healing climate in an overwhelming natural setting

The health resort of Titisee is characterized by its outstanding scenic beauty and its very high quality of life. The city is explicitly classified as a climatic health resort. This rating proves the high quality of the destination. Therefore, a stay there provides lasting relief for the individual organism due to the excellent air and effectively promotes health. At the same time, due to its first-class natural geographical location, the place offers numerous opportunities for exclusive leisure activities that are intensely fascinating.

Maximum winter sports fun

There is also a small ski area in the municipality of Titisee-Neustadt. The “Ahorn ski lift” Schwarzenbach includes 2 lifts. The area ranges from 1050 m to an altitude of 1300 m. The slopes are relatively flat, which is why the area is explicitly predestined for beginners and small children. The facility is one of the most beautiful and attractive family lifts in the region. Due to its relatively high location, the charming area guarantees a comparatively high level of snow security. The facility is directly connected to the “Panoramspur Hochebene” cross-country ski trail center. Cross-country skiing can therefore be practiced persistently in the area. A toboggan run, which can be ridden on a sleigh or bobsled, was also built in the area. In addition, the highest ski area in the region is located in direct distance from the health resort. The Feldberg guarantees visitors maximum winter sports enjoyment. The ski area offers runs of all levels of difficulty. Furthermore, the World Cup ski jump located in the community is the platform for regular top-class and international competitions. A visit to these events implies maximum excitement.

Vacation in Titisee-Neustadt

The regional hostels in the form of numerous hotels and holiday apartments consistently meet the high expectations of visitors. The accommodations correspond to the middle and upper segment. That's why there is the ideal accommodation for all specific requirements and needs. A stay in a holiday apartment in Titisee or in a hotel in Titisee is always associated with absolute relaxation in a perfect feel-good atmosphere. Every guest immediately feels at home here. A holiday apartment in Titisee or a hotel in Titisee guarantees the highest level of customer satisfaction with an optimal price-performance ratio. The local mountain (Hochfirst) and the one in the immediate vicinity Feldberg invite you to take long hikes. A first-class golf course at the “Hochschwarzwald Golf Club” can be played by ambitious golfers. There is also an exciting climbing forest called the “Action Forest”. Zorbing promises the ultimate exceptional experience. Fixed in a giant transparent ball, you roll down a slope at high speed. Heaven and earth connect in this adrenaline-packed experience. The company “my Zorbing” has its location directly at the World Cup ski jump. Furthermore, with the “bathing paradise” an adventure pool for high demands currently. A high-quality spa and wellness area is integrated into the premises.

Healing air strengthens the organism in the long term

In Baden-Wuerttemberg only 4 places are provided with the specific certificate as a climatic health resort. Due to the city's excellent air quality, oxidative stress is significantly reduced during a vacation. In this way, the development of harmful gene mutations due to air pollution is counteracted preventively. In addition, the production of the body's own inflammatory messengers is reduced. Such inflammatory hormones accelerate the aging process and promote the development of life-threatening complications and diseases. That is why the stay has a lasting health-promoting effect that slows down the individual aging process depending on the situation. Because of the low-irritation climate, symptoms associated with numerous respiratory diseases and allergies are significantly reduced. The idyllic place is also located in the proven sunniest region in Germany. According to the certification as a climatic health resort, the sun shines at least an average of 1500 hours per year. At the same time, there are usually no more than 50 days with fog there. The beautiful backdrop of the Black Forest, interspersed with breathtaking forests and imposing mountain ranges, therefore unfolds its inimitable grace to visitors in the best possible way.

History of Titisee-Neustadt

Until 1929, there was only a formation of individual farms in what is now the urban area. This widely dispersed settlement was called the “Four Valleys”. As part of a municipal reform on July 1, 1971, the corresponding settlement merged with the previously self-sufficient municipality of Neustadt zu Titisee - Neustadt. On the north bank of the largest natural lake in the Black Forest is where today's health resort is located. This is characterized by its strong tourist infrastructure, its wide range of retail and service shops as well as its first-class range of excellent accommodation. The ideal natural geographical location of the health resort is accompanied by diverse and attractive leisure activities.

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