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The Belchenhaus is located below the Belchen summit and offers a wonderful view of the Alps from the terrace. In the restaurant, guests can enjoy regional cuisine. Vegetarian dishes are also offered.

In order to guarantee a quick and smooth process, the restaurant works as a self-service restaurant. The guests order and pay for the drinks, dishes and cakes at the cash register and can then take them with them immediately or the food is brought directly to the guests' table. Therefore, the guests have to enter the table number there.

Payment can only be made in cash (not in the form of EC, Visa or other cards). There are changing daily specials and different stews as well as much more on offer.

The cable car to the Belchenhaus

This cable car takes guests to the top of the mountain with a very high safety standard Ballon. It is only a few meters from the cable car to the Belchenhaus. For example, there is also barrier-free access for guests with disabilities.

With the cable car, the guest is taken up the mountain by gondola. In winter, when there is snow, guests can plunge into the white snow over four different slopes with a length of up to 4 kilometers. The ski slopes are ideal for families. The levels of difficulty range from easy to moderate. Pedestrians can also take the gondola up the mountain in winter and then go on a winter hike from the station.

The prices are available on the Belchenbahn website (. https://www.belchen-seilbahn.de/ .)

The access options

Arrival by bus and train

The nature reserve in the area of ​​the Belchen summit can also be reached car-free. Here there from the train station Munster Valley (there is a train connection there in the direction of Freiburg) a bus connection with the help of the so-called “Belchenbus”. It also works out Schonau directly to the valley station. In the bus there are attractive combination tickets "bus + cable car" (this is a combination ticket from the Wiesental). - This allows the guest to comfortably get up to the Belchen summit.

The arrival by car

The valley station of the Belchen cable car can be reached from the direction of Karlsruhe via the A5. There you drive from the exit Bad Krozingen in the direction of Staufen-Münstertal. From there it goes up to the Wiedener Eck pass and there are signs for “Belchen-Seilbahn”, which you simply follow.

If the guests from the direction Basel or Titisee-Neustadt When they arrive, they drive on the B 317 federal road in the direction of Schönau and the guests then follow the signs to the north of Schönau for “Belchen Seilbahn”.

The Belchen in the Black Forest

The Belchen has a height of about 1414 meters. It is located in southwest Germany in the southern Black Forest in the border triangle between Switzerland, France and Germany. The panorama from the summit includes the Hornisgrind, the Jura and the Vosges. If the weather is right, you can also marvel at the Alps right up to Mont Blanc or the Zugspitze. From there there is also a view into the depths, starting from the Upper Rhine plain to the Alsace. In 1866 the first rest house was built below the summit. The inauguration took place on June 25, 1899. At that time, the then owner stepfather organized a big banquet.

During the First World War, tourism on the Belchen was at its peak. More than 14000 visitors were counted annually. At that time there were many hunting and hiking groups. In the years 1912 and 1913 there were "Bismark celebrations" on the summit. The Staufen bailiff Amsberger was one of the initiators of these celebrations.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal