Renchtalhütte near Bad Peterstal-Griesbach
Renchtalhütte near Bad Peterstal-Griesbach

Renchtalhütte near Bad Peterstal-Griesbach


The former ski and hiking hut fell victim to the flames in 2003 and was then completely rebuilt at great expense. Today, hikers and visitors can expect Black Forest cosiness and a great viewing terrace with a view of the Renchtal.

The Renchtalhütte is located high above the Renchtal and can be easily reached by walking from the “Zuflucht” car park. If you want, you can also drive directly to the hut.

Child-friendly Renchtalhütte

The children can let off steam in the adventure playground with a climbing castle and many play stations. The petting zoo with rabbits and dwarf goats is a real children's experience.



Rohrenbach 8

77740 Bad Peterstal-Griesbach

Hairdryer: (049) 0 78 06/91 00 75
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