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The Schluchsee with the community of the same name
The Schluchsee with the community of the same name

Three lakes, Schluchsee, Titisee and Mummelsee



The Schluchsee is a reservoir in Baden-Württemberg in the Black Forest. It is also the largest lake in the region. The name is derived from hose or gorge. This lake was initially a glacier lake, and it is also the highest lake in Germany. The deepest point is 61 m. In 1932 the natural lake had to be lowered by 13 m, so a tunnel was dug into the rock using an explosive device. They found a boat (dugout canoe), which proved that 650 people were already living there.

History and tourism

During World War II, the dam was probably protected with peat to keep it safe from bombs. Incidentally, in 1983 the lake was sunk again. Because of this, you could not swim, fish or sail for five weeks. In recent years there have been problems between the Schluchseewerk (reservoir operator) and the community. The former are primarily interested in an economically profitable service, the others want to attract as many tourists as possible. In winter the lake rarely freezes over properly and you are not allowed on the ice. There are ice fishermen. Tourists like to come here to swim, dive and sail. The numerous hiking trails offer relaxation Riesenbühl tower is a popular destination.


In 1982 the German national football team under Jupp Derwall came here to hold their training camp. However, they are said to have consumed a lot of alcohol, but were ultimately runner-up in the world championship.



Titisee and in the foreground the town of Titisee

The Titisee lies like the Schluchsee in the Black Forest. It is 1,3 km² in size, very high and the deepest point is 20 m. On the north bank is the spa town of the same name. The Titisee is mainly fed by the Seebach and drained into the Upper Rhine. It is believed that the area was already settled between 700 and 900 AD. According to tradition, the small children come from the lake (Teti = toddler).

Animals, plants, winter time

There are many fish in this lake, such as pikeperch, roach and brown trout. A special plant in the area is the sea bream. Since it is quite windy there, the lake freezes over after a long time when it is icy cold. Certain areas are released from 16 cm ice core.


blank - Arthur Palmer

The Mummelsee is a so-called Karsee. It is located 1028 m above sea level on a slope. The size is 3,7 hectares and the deepest point is 18 m. Many visitors come every year when they are on vacation in the Black Forest. The lake is located in the middle of the forest and in the mountains between two mountains, the cat's head and the Hornisgrinde. The name can basically be traced back to white water lilies, which used to be called mummels. Mummies were also called mermaids. This could also be an explanation.

additional information

Along the Black Forest High Road you will find a hotel that went up almost completely in flames in 2008, restaurants and souvenir shops. The hotel was rebuilt better and bigger. There is a poem by Eduard Mörike “Die Geister am Mummelsee”. The lake also appears in the “Simplicissimus” by Grimmelshausen. A circular route and art path complete the tourist offer in the region.

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