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Schluchsee in the southern Black Forest
Schluchsee in the southern Black Forest




Location: Schluchsee

The Schluchsee is a reservoir in the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald southeast of Lake Titisee.

The Schluchsee is with its storage target of 930,00 m above sea level. NN the highest dam in Germany. Only the Hornberg basin (upper basin of the Wehr pumped storage plant) with a storage target of 1048,00 m above sea level. NN is even higher.

The original Schluchsee, which was not dammed, was around 30 meters lower than today's lake level. Nevertheless, the Schluchsee still looks natural. The dam was built between 1929 and 1933.

The Schluchsee is part of the Schluchsee group of works, a series of various reservoirs of different heights, which are connected by pumping stations. The group of works extends from houses to Waldshut.

The Schluchsee is particularly popular for swimming and sailing. In contrast to the Titisee Almost the entire Schluchsee has inviting banks. This is why the Schluchsee is used very actively in summer and is a popular leisure destination in the area and beyond the Swiss border.

Due to the elevated location (around 900 meters above sea level) the water is relatively cool.

The most famous villages around the Schluchsee are located on the north side of the lake, including the village of the same name Schluchsee, Seebrugg on the dam and Aha. The Drei-Seen-Bahn, the extended end of the Höllentalbahn runs from the Titisee train station along the northern shore of the lake to the Seebrugg terminus.


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