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Black Forest landscape near Oppenau

The Fallers - successful television series from the Black Forest

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Successful series in full swing - The Fallers conquer the living room.

The Fallers - The Black Forest Series reflects the life of a family on the farm. The series is produced by SWR and was called until 2011 "The Fallers - A Black Forest Family". You can follow the soap opera - which can be characterized as one of many forerunners of today's Dramady series - every Sunday at 19:15 on SWR television.

History and production

The successful series began shooting as early as 1994 The Fallers. By June 2017, almost 1000 episodes of the popular farming family were on the screens. A million viewers per episode today are enthusiastic about the story of the Fallers. The 2017th season began broadcasting in November 111 (each season contains eight episodes of 30 minutes each).

What is the hit series about?

The series depicts the fictional Faller family in a genuine and lovable way. The Fallers who navigate ups and downs, dramas and reconciliations, careers and crises. The focus is on Kati, Bernhard and Karl (heir to the farm) - the children of Hermann (owner of the farm and mayor of the municipality of Schönwald) and Johanna. Hermann's brothers Franz and Heinz also inspire with their roles as managing directors and missionaries. The two are only too happy to get involved without being asked, causing havoc at every turn. Both brothers are owners of the family sawmill. Since the series is shot a year in advance, current issues cannot be addressed. However, the adversities of real life in the high altitudes of the Black Forest are included. Thus the threads of fate of the Fallers weave around themes of health, happiness and heartbreak and intertwine with grief, drama and intrigue. Those who want the all-around soap opera package will certainly not be disappointed with The Fallers series!

Cast in the series

In order to create the most authentic atmosphere possible, almost only actors with Alemannic dialect are employed.

The actors:

and many more conjure up fun for the whole family on the screen. It should be noted that many other actors are also involved under the direction of Sebastian Monk and under the influence of the author Hugo Rendler. The structure of the main cast has of course changed since 1994, but the flair of the series never fell by the wayside.

Locations of the SWR television series "The Fallers"

Most of the Faller's everyday life is brought to life in the SWR studios in Baden-Baden. In the Black Forest itself, the outdoor shots are shot with their landscape. The Faller family's farm and stable can also be found there. In Baden-Baden there are other relics from the world of the Fallers: the town hall in Ebersteinburg and the church in Reichental. The "role" of the inn Lion is from Inn Roessle in Todtnau - Geschwend took over.


As every series junkie knows, there is hardly anything better than having your own favorite series team up in a crossover. Fans of the Fallers, Lindenstrasse and Dahoam is Dahoam can look forward to several co-productions!

Behind the scenes of the Fallers

For a detailed look behind the scenes at the Fallerhof, we recommend clicking on the SWR website. There you can find out details (for example that the series is not produced chronologically, but according to motifs). Those interested can share their favorite series with each other via Facebook and Twitter. You can also browse the series archive for episodes that have already been broadcast. The latest episode of the show can also be viewed online a week before it is broadcast.


With their trials and tribulations and the lovable quirks, the Fallers are reminiscent of a Black Forest version of Full House and they weren't a mega hit for otherwise. Predicate: Worth seeing! Soap oper hearts should beat faster.