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Titisee in the Black Forest


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Location: Titisee
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Impressive Titisee with origins in the Ice Age

The largest natural lake in the Black Forest, the Titisee, offers space for extraordinary outdoor activities.

Pedal boats and stand-up paddling equipment can be rented here. The crystal clear one Titisee acts as the ideal backdrop for extensive bathing pleasure. Excursion boats offer trips across the original waters. The lake is now a popular excursion destination for all Black Forest visitors. In addition to reputable hotels, there are also a number of campsites on its banks.

Formation of the lake

It originated in the Ice Age (Pleistocene) as a moraine - water of the former Feldberg - the glacier, the Titisee today characterizes the landscape of the Black Forest. The natural lake is at an altitude of 858 m.

Facts & figures

The lake is 2 kilometers long and 700 meters wide. The average depth of Lake Titisee is 20 meters. That is why the lake is called the "largest natural lake in the entire Black Forest". Other large lakes in the Black Forest have been artificially dammed with a dam and are now the region's electricity suppliers.

Titisee in the Black Forest

How is the Titisee located

Surrounded by wooded slopes, the Titisee is framed by the mountain ranges of the Feldberg massif and the Hochfirst. The Titisee gets its water directly from the Seebach from Feldberg. The Seebach rises at Seebuck; the summit of the Feldberg. In its function as the outflow of the Feldsee, which lies directly at the foot of the mountain, the Seebach continually feeds the Titisee. This supports the consistently high water quality of the body of water. The water flow leaves the lake as Gutach. In its course, the stream connects with the Haslach below the community of Kappel, finally becoming Wutach to flow into the Upper Rhine.

Who gave the Titisee its name

It was named after the Roman general Titus, whose army was once encamped in the Black Forest.

Numerous myths grew up around the water. Accordingly, the population considered the lake immeasurably deep. A measurement has long been considered impossible because the abyssal water from the depths supposedly threatened to tear anyone down and drown if they attempted to do this.

Pictures from the Titisee

Video of the Black Forest lake

Titisee has even more to offer

Shows the Titisee in the Black Forest.
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