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Children’s adventure trail “Badgerweg”

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Location: Badger Mountain
Track length: 4.2 km
Ascent: 80m
Descent: 106m
Suitable for prams: partially
Starting point: Dachsberg Hall

Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Grimli the badger and his five animal friends on the Dachsweg adventure trail in Dachsberg in the Hotzenwald a. Learn how they overcome a major obstacle together and experience exciting adventures along the way.

Grimli, the badger and his cozy home

Grimli, the badger, lives happily and contentedly on the Dietlisberg Southern Black Forest. He lovingly designed his cozy home, his badger den. But one day the unthinkable happens: a wagon wheel breaks into his sleeping cave and destroys his home.

The search for help

Overwhelmed by the situation, Grimli cannot dig out the wheel alone. So he goes looking for his friends to ask for help. His friends are the strong ant Ami with her large ant colony, the cheerful squirrel Eku, the clever red kite Milvio, the cautious spider Élsea and the clever girl Lotte. Each of them has their own idea of ​​how they can help Grimli.

Stations on the Dachsweg adventure trail

There are various stations along the way where children can experience the world of animals with all their senses. You take on the roles of badgers, squirrels and red kites and solve exciting tasks.

Look forward to a wonderful nature experience with numerous playing and climbing opportunities as well as exciting tasks. The Dachsweg adventure trail is a great way to explore nature while having fun.

Discover nature

On the Dachsweg adventure trail, children can experience the flora and fauna of the southern Black Forest up close. You will learn about the different animals and plants that are native to this region.

Play and fun

In addition to learning and discovering, the focus is of course on having fun. The various stations offer numerous opportunities to play, run around and Climbing.

An adventure for the whole family

The Dachsweg children's adventure trail is not just an experience for children. Adults can also enjoy nature here and solve exciting tasks together with their children.

Image courtesy of Bärbel Rutzen


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