Big robber path - Robber Hotzenplotz path in Gegenbach


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Location: Gengenbach
Track length: 4.1 km
Ascent: 126 m
Descent: 126 m
Suitable for prams: ja
Starting point: Strohbach marquee area

We all know the robber from our childhood days. Probably the most famous robber of all time lives in Gengenbach-Strohbach on the nature adventure trail. Each route connects viewpoints and play stations with unique biotopes and themes from nature.

The amalgamation of the Black Forest Center / North Nature Park found this idea unique, which is why it promotes the establishment and maintenance of the paths. Because they are a unique and educational destination with a high fun factor. The sole aim is to bring the visitors closer to nature through exciting experiences and to understand that it is really worth protecting our nature.

Experience and understand nature

The robber Hotzenplotz path brings the story of the robber to life and at the same time conveys interesting knowledge about woods and meadows.
On the hike, the senses should be sensitized, the aesthetic sensibility awakened and insights into new living spaces and perspectives made possible. This achieves an interactive transfer of knowledge as well as an emotional bond through experiences in nature and through the experiences of the robber Hotzenplotz. He reliably shows the hikers the way with his nose.

What do hikers experience on the great robber trail?

The path is 4,1 km long, the hiking time with adventure takes about three hours. Small and large predators should experience the hike consciously. At short intervals, new activity stations offer experiences that make it easier to climb the hiking trails.
Discover animals on the crawl path, stretch out in the tree house or feel like a bird in its nest. As you can see, there is variety on the entire route. The robber Hotzenplotz is always there, everything tells the exciting story of the real robber Hotzenplotz. In addition, extensive knowledge about the environment and nature is imparted in a playful way.

The great robber path

The starting point is at the Strohbacher Festplatz. The big robber path is primarily useful for young people and adults and is also four kilometers long. It connects existing biotopes. Large, stylishly designed boards are attached to the eleven stations. They show original drawings from the Hotzenplotz books by Otfried Preußler.

For particularly curious and lively children, you can borrow the discovery backpack from the Tourist Information. With stimulating things like magnifying glasses, binoculars and identification book, the adventures are even more fun.

The city of Gengenbach, together with the federal environmental center Ortenau, designed the individual stations according to environmental educational perspectives. Each station shows new elements and communicates things worth knowing through joint activities. That makes both trails fun for the group.

Visit us

Both robber trails are clearly signposted in the Strohbach district.
On the A5 from Freiburg On arrival, take exit 55 (Offenburg), then drive on the B33 in the direction of Kinzigtal and Gengenbach and take the Gengenbach Süd exit. Follow the street to the Waldorf kindergarten, turn right into the Strohbach street and follow the signs to the parking lots.

Travel from direction Karlsruhe on the A5, take the Offenburg exit. Follow the route to Gengenbach for about 5 minutes and follow the signs to the parking lot.


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Route map "Great Robber Path"


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Images courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal and Dieter Wissing
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