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Fairy Tale Trail in Bad Wildbad

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Location: Bad Wildbad
Track length: 3 km
Ascent: 72 m
Descent: 72 m
Suitable for prams: ja
Starting point: Tower of the Treetop Walkway

The fairy tale trail in Bad Wildbad is a hiking trail for the whole family. With a length of only about 3,2 kilometers, it is also easy to manage for small hikers. But since even this comparatively short distance can be quite long or even boring for the little ones on Shank's pony, the mere running is loosened up by a fairy tale radio play. So the time doesn't get too long and the next station is not far, which has a positive effect on the children's motivation.

A fairy tale from the area

On the fairy tale trail in Bad Wildbad, the fairy tale "The Cold Heart" based on Wilhelm Hauff is told, which is also set in the Black Forest. It tells of how the young charcoal burner Peter Munk falls for the forest spirit Holländer-Michel and exchanges his heart for a cold stone in exchange for the fulfillment of his wishes. Although Peter becomes extremely rich, he can no longer feel joy and behaves harshly towards his fellow human beings. So he forbids his wife to help the poor and kills her as punishment when she tries to do it behind his back. He later regrets this act very much. Another forest spirit, the little glass man, tries to help Peter. Peter must now try to win back his heart and save his wife with the help of the little glass man.

Ten stations to the destination

The fairy tale is divided into a total of ten stations and is available as a radio play in various languages ​​via its own app. There are also numerous information boards that cover child-friendly topics such as rafting Geology, knights as well as giants and mermaids, among others.

Circular route on the Sommerberg

The fairy tale trail in Bad Wildbad is a circular route. The starting and finishing point is the tower of the treetop path on the Sommerberg. Families need about an hour for the 3,2-kilometer hiking route. the How to get there is possible both by car and by public transport. In addition to four parking garages, there are numerous public parking spaces in the city, most of which are subject to a fee. There is also limited free parking available near the sports field. There is a rail connection to Bad Wildbad all year round from Pforzheim and Karlsruhe and from May to October also from Stuttgart. The summer mountain with the Summer mountain railway is located just a few hundred meters west of the town center of Bad Wildberg.

Low-barrier paths on the fairy tale path in Bad Wildbad

The fairy tale trail is gravel throughout and barrier-free. A tour with a stroller should not cause any problems, provided you have the appropriate tires. Wheelchairs can also drive on the main path. A total of three forest mannequin paths branch off the main path at various points. These paths are unpaved and therefore cannot be used by prams and wheelchairs. However, these can be seen from the main path, so that the children can move around freely and are still not unsupervised. Also the adjacent one Wildline suspension bridge is unsuitable for wheelchairs and prams.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal


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