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Holidays in the Black Forest and exciting activities

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There is an incredible number of exciting things to discover in the Black Forest. But not only nature freaks are in good hands here. The Black Forest also has a lot to offer when it comes to leisure activities for the adventurous and game fans. Bungee jumping, balloon rides, climbing holidays or just a wellness program: Whatever travelers like, they are guaranteed to find it in the Black Forest.

There are also many casinos in the Black Forest that travelers love to visit again and again. But online providers are also represented here. When registering, players simply gamble from their hotel room at Blackjack Online Casino. Before signing up, Gambler should compare great providers and get the best bonuses. Players have a large selection of blackjack and roulette tables in almost every online casino. 

From the online to the offline world: the Black Forest is full of surprises. From adventurers to action fans, pretty much everything is included. Here are the best tips for exciting activities for nature freaks.

Blackjack Casinos - Unlimited gaming fun for everyone

Blackjack casinos are few and far between? That's correct! However, there is a very special casino in the Black Forest: the Kurhaus in Baden-Baden. In the immediate vicinity of the city center is the historically significant casino of Baden-Baden. The entrance already shows style and invites you to enter the noble building. If you turn right, you will inevitably get to the tables.

This is also where the popular blackjack areas are located. Elegant clothing is required here. Without observing the dress code, players have no chance to participate at the tables. In Baden-Baden, everything is geared towards aesthetics and ambience. A well-chosen wardrobe and proper handling are part of the good manners in the city of 54.600 inhabitants.

If you've had enough of the table game, you can go down one floor. Decorated with a glowing entrance, this is where the city's slot machine casino is located. Practical: In the aisle there is more information about the most popular events in the city. There is also an ATM here to place bets in the casino. The highlight is a 3D roulette table for a game night with friends.

Baden-Baden – spa town for nature lovers

Although Baden-Baden may be relatively small and manageable, the city still has a high prestige factor. Golf courses and tennis courts not far from the city, idyllic meadows and the crème de la crème are just a few typical features of Baden-Baden. During the Arabic weeks you can even see a sheikh here and there, right in the middle of Germany.

There must be more to discover here besides blackjack online casinos. In fact you are in the interesting city Baden-Baden many historically interesting buildings. In addition, many artists who are inspired by Frieder Burda or the art of Frida Kahlo live and work here. But the park in the city center alone offers enough inspiration for new creative work.

There are many hills and mountains around the city. Tourists should roam the Engelswiesen and see the city and the local casino directly from here. The Battert summit is further up. With a height of about 570 m, this is not the highest mountain in the Black Forest. However, a hike is a challenge for inexperienced nature lovers.

What travelers must see in Baden-Baden:

  • Black Forest National Park
  • Caracalla thermal baths
  • Old castle above Baden-Baden
  • Lichtentaler Allee
  • Black Forest High Road
  • The tranquil city center

Experience the railway in a completely different way

At the time of the onset of industrialization, railways were considered the most important means of transport. With their help, it was possible to send goods across the country. This gave a significant boost to trade. Today, express trains accompany us in everyday life and are no longer anything special. However, it is definitely worth taking a look at the old route networks and the rustic railways.

An example of outstanding architecture is the Höllentalbahn in the Black Forest. It runs from Freiburg im Breisgau to Donaueschingen and is the steepest railway line in Germany. Located directly on rocks and slopes, a ride on the train leaves an unforgettable impression. So if you don't walk well and still want to experience natural spectacles, you can't avoid a ride on the Höllentalbahn.

The bridge, which is often the central motif of the route, is particularly beautiful. It consists of various round arches made of sandstone and blends gently into the breathtaking nature. By the way: The construction of the bridge began in 1882. At that time, the technical means were clearly limited. The overall construction of the bridge piers is all the more remarkable.

Triberg Waterfalls - Icelandic nature right on your doorstep

Iceland is riddled with waterfalls. Unfortunately, a journey there is long and expensive. If you want to experience waterfalls in the immediate vicinity, you don't have to cross national borders. They exist in the Black Forest Triberg waterfalls, which also cause astonished looks. The waterfalls have a height of 163 m. Incredible amounts of water flow down here every minute.

When hiking through forests, travelers should be familiar with the signs and trail maps. They also need various utensils. With the right hiking gear be on the safe side. Apart from shoes with a strong tread, a rain jacket is a must. In addition, hikers should not forget their provisions. This also includes sufficient liquid.

In addition to the waterfall, it is important to observe the lush variety of plants. If you look closely, you will notice a rare forest animal here and there. In general, it is not uncommon to meet deer at the Triberg Waterfalls. Now it's time to be quiet and simply enjoy the sight of the shy deer.

Bathing fun in the Black Forest - right on Lake Titisee

The Titisee is embedded directly in the Black Forest. If hikers are looking for a place to cool off and take a short breather, Lake Titisee is a good choice. Water lovers, sports fans and wellness lovers are also welcome. The lake itself has an area of ​​approximately 1,07 km and reaches its lowest point at 20 m.

Don't want a longer journey? Travelers can stay overnight in Titisee-Neustadt. The city right on the lake has one colorful variety of motifs and to offer worth knowing figures, data and facts. Some apartments, hotels and holiday homes round off the accommodation options in the city perfectly.

Apart from Titisee is the largest lake in the Black Forest Travelers like to go to the Hochfirst Tower in Titisee-Neustadt. Winter sports fans also love the Hochfirst ski jump. It is 142 m high and is also worth a visit in summer. There are also many hiking trails, parking spaces and forest restaurants in the surrounding area.

Image courtesy of Photo by Lili Kovac on Unsplash