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Location: Baden-Baden

...is a city in western Baden-Württemberg. With 54.600 inhabitants, it is the smallest of the nine independent towns in the state and forms a medium-sized center with partial functions of a regional center. In addition to the city of Baden-Baden, the central area of ​​Baden-Baden also includes the municipalities Hügelsheim and Sinzheim, both of which are in the district Rastatt lie. In addition, there are relations with the French north of Alsace.

The city is a world-famous spa town and is known today primarily as a spa town, mineral spa, holiday resort, media and art town and international festival town. Until 1931 the city was only called Baden. To better distinguish them from other cities (Baden near Vienna and Baden in Switzerland) they were usually called Baden in Baden, which was not easy to say. As early as the 19th century, many visitors call the city (unofficially) Baden-Baden. This is how today's double name came about. Baden-Baden has been an Olympic city since 1997. Baden-Baden was honored with this title by the IOC.