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Typically Black Forest – this has been the concept for centuries

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Ham, ladies with red Bollen hats and green forested mountains are the firmly anchored ideas of the Black Forest to this day. An adopted feat of the region is the intrinsically bohemian one Cuckoo clock, which is considered in the collective world memory to be the epitome of fine Black Forest craftsmanship. Of course, you can also enjoy chatting about ideas about business acumen over a piece of Black Forest cake.

Distinctive features of the Black Forest

Actually he became bollenhut Worn as an accessory to the traditional costume only in three Black Forest villages. Nevertheless, it has given the Black Forest a corporate image worldwide that modern web designers can only be jealous of. The Black Forest cake decorates the shop windows of some pastry shops in the USA. And where the Bollenhut adorns the ham, it is guaranteed to come from the German Black Forest. For self-discovery on the St. James is also the landscape of this region with its mountain backdrops and historically preserved town centers.

Striking construction of a Black Forest house

The Black Forest house is a trademark of the region, exactly like the Bollenhut. The deep-drawn construction of hipped and half-hipped roofs is more of a pragmatic necessity. Wind and weather cannot harm such a solid building. At the same time, they keep heat in the house well and are therefore a historical model for modern energy-saving houses. The tiled stove in the living room is rustic and extremely cozy in such houses. In modern buildings, it heats all the rooms around it and some of the floors above it at the same time. Of course, the Black Forest cuckoo clock should not be missing in the kitchen here.

Formative landscape and construction in the Black Forest

Even the ancient Romans chose the slopes of the Black Forest for their residences. Wherever it fits into the landscape, today's builders leave old architecture with new ones Build houses or stylishly renovate old farmsteads. Many of these almost ornate buildings serve as lodgings for holidaymakers, while others remain the homes and workhouses of the local farms as they have always been. All around nestle comparatively gentle but impressively rising mountain slopes, partly densely forested, partly with idyllic green hillside meadows and wild herb meadows.

Pearls of the Black Forest

A foray through the Black Forest like hiking in a fairytale setting. Perhaps the filmmakers of »Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot« were inspired by scenic features such as the Triberg waterfalls or the Schluchsee to inspire. The »Black Forest Girl« is definitely one of the most famous film adaptations. Traditional handicrafts undoubtedly include cuckoo clock making, wood carving and sculpting, and artistic glass blowing. Bohemian travelers probably brought the knowledge of both skills here with them.

Local holiday flair in a traditional Black Forest farm

Many Black Forest towns were self-sufficient due to a lack of or difficult transport connections. Farms exist to this day with some traditional livestock farming, agriculture and food production. Nature lovers or families with children are happy to follow the holiday trend in harmony with nature and culture. Living and living on one of these family farms also means experience, i.e. interactive insights into the middle of farming practice. As a reward, visitors get to know regional specialties such as "Brägele" (Black Forest variant of fried potatoes), "Bibbeleskäs" (Black Forest preparation of herbal quark) or "Jägerspätzle" (spaetzle with creamy mushroom sauce).

And finally ...
The Black Forest has much more to offer than the clichés known around the world. Black Forest houses with deep roofs are typical, unmistakable and cleverly planned. In culinary terms, the Black Forest gateau and the Black Forest ham in particular have gone on a successful trip around the world.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal