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Bad herrenalb

Bad Herrenalb - A year-round Black Forest experience!

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In the middle of nature. Bad Herrenalb in the Northern Black Forest is located in the idyllic Alb Valley and is a popular year-round holiday destination with lots of charm in the middle of Mother Nature. Due to its unique location at the intersection of seven valleys and because of the natural thermal springs, the Black Forest town has a rare double rating, namely "climatic health resort" and "health spa". In addition, Bad Herrenalb has been awarded the title of "Sustainable Travel Destination" and "Fair Trade City".

free time in nature

The wide range of leisure activities in the middle of nature can be used all year round and offers a wide range of activities and experiences. For hiking enthusiasts there is a well-marked network of hiking trails, which provides a variety of hiking tours. Worth mentioning at this point are the “Big Round Over the Devil’s Mill” and the “Wildcat Forest Experience” paths, both of which German Hiking Association have been awarded .

The adventure trails around Bad Herrenalb offer families with children as well as nature and culture lovers exciting tours, such as the spring adventure trail or the monastery trail, which is also suitable for children.

Hiking, Nordic walking, curling - variety of offers

If you want to combine hiking with adventurous treasure hunts, the geocaching tours around the city are highly recommended. And there is also a bike, mountain bike or e-bike for Vacationers in Bad Herrenalb a lot to discover on the varied tours. Because of the recognized Nordic walking trails, walkers will also get their money's worth here.

Golf or tennis, swimming, riding courses for adults and of course children and a number of winter events, of course outdoors, such as Snowshoeing, curling, skiing or rounds with the husky sled complete the incredible range of activities in Bad Herrenalb, which is a year-round excursion and holiday destination.

relax and more

If you are looking for relaxation after an eventful day and want to recharge your batteries, this is for you a visit to the Siebentäler Therme just right. The Bad Herrenalber Therme ensures a special kind of wellness experience. Bubbling pools, massage jets, floor jets and even a counter-current system can be found in the bathing area. On top of that, there are offers such as aqua healing or water aerobics. Or try the scent of silver fir in a sauna infusion, because silver fir has been proven to have medicinal effects.

But by the fireplace in the holiday apartment or the hotel, you can endure and relax, especially in autumn and winter. If you want to sit back and relax, you can choose from the wide range of games on offer jackpotpiraten.de enjoy. Because playing is also a way of relaxing and who knows, maybe the jackpot will be hit and the holiday in Bad Herrenalb will simply be extended.

Sustainable destination Bad Herrenalb

Bad Herrenalb in the northern Black Forest is fully committed to sustainability and climate protection. If you want to go on excursions in the area, you can hire e-bikes and there is a good network of charging stations. Pedelecs and e-car car sharing also play an important role. There is also a well-developed network of e-charging stations.

Varied calendar of events

Art and culture have always had one long tradition in Bad Herrenalb. There is an enormous range of events organized by and with the public throughout the year. Markets and festivals, such as the Pentecost or Advent market, enrich the offer. Music and theater festivals that are well-known beyond the city limits also find their place in Bad Herrenalb. For example, there is the constantly changing program "Classic in the Monastery" to which artists from all over the world come, or the summer night theatre, which takes place at various venues in the city and represents a unique amateur theater of a high standard.

Bad Herrenalb is definitely worth a visit or vacation!

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