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View from the Hasenhorn in the southern Black Forest

Relaxing in the Black Forest - luxury for winners

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The Black Forest is one of the most popular travel destinations in Germany. Even the average travel budget is enough to spend a few nice days here. But what if the budget is set significantly higher, for example by winning the lottery? Then the trip to the Black Forest will be no less interesting, because there are plenty of opportunities for variety for low earners and millionaires alike.

Why the Black Forest remains a highlight despite winning the lottery

Suddenly the legendary Eurojackpot is on your own account. So many numbers! Such a win can change your whole life. Many people wonder how to deal with this. The impulse, suddenly a worldwide journey going to the Caribbean and spending money is big. But does it really have to be? No, because even a contemplative trip to the Black Forest provides a lot of happiness.

At the Relax in the Black Forest thermal baths the feeling of happiness is settled warm and soft in the body. There are moments that cannot be paid for with money, even if winning the lottery like this is of course something special.

Wonderful accommodations throughout the Black Forest

The Lottery numbers are drawn and suddenly a scream escapes your own throat! The numbers are all correct! Most of the winners can hardly believe their eyes and quit their jobs in a hurry to finally be free. That's not a good idea, by the way. First of all, the new situation should be analyzed in detail.

If you need a little rest, you can switch off wonderfully in the Black Forest. A magical one Country inn with mountain views is a dream destination for everyone, no matter how much money is in the account.

In the quiet ambience of the Black Forest, the soul comes to rest and the winners can take their time to think about what they want to do with the newly won wealth. Who knows, maybe even a move to the Black Forest is planned. After all, it is one of the most beautiful regions in Germany.

Good for soul and body – processing emotions in the Black Forest

Anyone who thinks that winning the lottery will make all problems go away is wrong. Although there are no more financial worries, many other questions arise. What happens to the job now? Who is allowed to find out about the prize? Should a property be bought? Is it worth putting the money in? Questions, about questions that can make your head burst.

A trip to the cool mountain region of the Black Forest is worthwhile here. She is the region with the most overnight stays in 2021 and 2022, so why not for lottery winners too.

The Black Forest is known for its good cuisine, for the special opportunities for leisure activities and for its nature. Those who travel here can relax to their heart's content. And in the evening there are rustic places to stop where you can discuss the new changes with your partner.

Who is allowed to know something about the prize? All questions that can be answered much better during a relaxing holiday trip. At home, winners tend to overspend and make rash decisions.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal