stuttgart, new castle, schlossplatz
stuttgart, new castle, schlossplatz

Stuttgart: Big city flair near the Black Forest


If you want to enjoy a little big city flair and high culture in addition to the nature of the Black Forest, you would do well to visit the royal residence city and state capital of Baden-Württemberg. Because Stuttgart is always worth a trip. In this article, we will reveal the advantages of Stuttgart.

Excursion to the metropolis

Find a hotel in Stuttgart? Nothing easier than that. You won't regret it. In addition to culinary delights, the royal residence city scores above all with its cultural offerings. The nightlife in Stuttgart is not to be despised either.

Culinary delights in Stuttgart

The state capital of Baden-Württemberg has a total of 24 star restaurants. So it is by no means too much promised to describe Stuttgart as a culinary stronghold. From down-to-earth cuisine to haute cousins: there is something for every taste. Gourmets come especially in the "Zirbelstube“, The“ Wielandshöhe ”or the“ Speisemeisterei ”at their own expense. Here, not only the food itself, but also a noble ambience is very important. A good wine should of course not be missing with a fine meal. Spätburgunder, Lemberger and the famous Trollinger are grown in this area. These wines can also be tasted in one of the wine bars. The Fröhlich wine bar, the Schellenturm wine bar and the Stetter wine house are worth mentioning here. Things are a bit more down-to-earth in the numerous taverns, where good middle-class, Swabian home-style cooking such as the famous onion roast is served.

Culture, music and the stage in Stuttgart

In terms of culture, too, Stuttgart does not need to hide from other metropolises in Germany. The Stuttgart Opera, which has a long tradition, has already received several awards. The State Theater is also one of the most important houses in the city. In general, music has a high priority in the culture of Stuttgart. The Stuttgart Philharmonic are known beyond the borders and the SWR radio orchestra can also be “heard”. In the warm months of the year, many open airs and festivals also attract people from all directions. in the There are numerous museums in the Black Forest itself. However, if you are interested in museums and exhibitions in the big city, you will also find a great variety in Stuttgart. The two largest museums include the art museum with its imposing glass cube and the state gallery, which mainly exhibits works of classical modernism.

Open-air concert at the Stuttgart Castle

Stuttgart by night: lively nightlife areas

Stuttgart not only has a lot to offer during the day. Even at night, both locals and tourists get their money's worth. Because the metropolis is known far beyond its borders for its nightlife culture. The beautiful old town and the lively pub district in particular attract visitors from all over the world every evening. Here lavish parties are celebrated and the nights are turned into day. If you want to drink a freshly tapped beer with it, the “Immer Beer Herzen” is the right place for you. In addition to the standard types, there are also very creative and unusual beers to be found here. However, if you prefer to sip cocktails, the nearby “Le petit coq” could be the right choice. “Le petit coq” is a classic 19th century style cocktail bar. If you want to listen to the sounds of jazz with a cocktail, the “Bix Club” or the “Black and White Bar” are ideal.

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