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5 dishes you should definitely eat in the Black Forest

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Whether you are planning a visit to the Black Forest or you fancy southern German cuisine. You will definitely find an unforgettable dish in the Baden cuisine. As is typical of the traditional cuisine of Germany, you will find primarily hearty dishes with lots of meat and wine from their own country. We took a closer look at five dishes from the Black Forest and present them to you in quick succession. This gives you enough time to cook one of the dishes yourself. There are always waiting times during cooking. To make the wait go by faster, we have an up-to-date one Casino welcome bonus for her. Now we wish you a lot of fun getting to know each other and later with enjoyable consumption!

Pearl barley stew

To prepare the barley stew, shank bones are boiled in salted water. At the same time, the pearl barley can be cooked in a saucepan. As soon as these are ready, they are placed in a sieve and briefly quenched. Then sauté onions and bacon in a pan. Also chop soup greens and potatoes into small pieces. Take the leg slices out of the pot and add the pearl barley, soup greens, Mettwurst, potatoes, onions and bacon, and maggi cabbage. Season the previous soup with vegetable stock and let the soup cook for up to an hour. The barley stew can be served with warm bread or rolls. Fresh, curly parsley can be chopped up and sprinkled over the soup to garnish the soup.

Venison goulash with beer spaetzle

The venison goulash is seasoned and seared with onions. The whole thing is deglazed with red wine. Simmer over low heat and then reduce a sauce from the gravy. Then flour, eggs, oil and beer are mixed. It is particularly important that the ingredients are mixed particularly well. The spaetzle dough is then scraped over a board or a spaetzle press is used. The dough is thus placed directly in a pot of salted boiling water. The spaetzle dip to the bottom of the pot. Once done, they float to the top of the water and can be skimmed off with a slotted spoon. The deer goulash should be ready by now.

Wild Pig

Wild Wutz is wild boar meat combined with plums. After seasoning, the saddle of wild boar is seared on all sides in clarified butter. Then shallots, laurels and juniper are added. Before the meat goes into the oven at around 80 degrees Celsius, fresh or dried rosemary is added. A strong gravy can be made from the gravy with Baden wine and starch or flour. as soon as that wild boar meat When cooked pink, remove from the oven and leave to rest. Meanwhile, sauté the plums and shallots in the butter. Then caramelize with some sugar. Depending on the side dish you want, you can choose serviette dumplings, Schupfnudeln, beans or carrots.

Original Black Forest ham and snack

One of the most important dishes is the snack, which is served in the form of vespers or as supper. With regional cheese and sausage specialties, the snack can be described as hearty. The important cold specialties include Brägele (fried potatoes), Bibiliskäs (quark), sausage salad and tarte flambée. For more than 60 years the Baden Wine Route a name when it comes to quarters or wine at the highest level. It is one of the culinary highlights in the world-famous Black Forest, also known internationally as the Black Forest. As is customary after a good, hearty meal, people in Baden like to drink a schnapps at the end of the meal.

Black Forest cake

The Black Forest cake, also known internationally as the Black Forest Cake, spread from Germany in the 30s. A wide variety of recipes for Black Forest cakes can now be found. The original recipe mainly contains: kirsch, chocolate-flavoured sponge cake bases, cherries, fresh cream, cherry filling and cherry flavoring as well as grated chocolate. The Black Forest cake the typical look. This is based on a cake consisting of several layers of sponge cake. These are coated with cherry filling. The entire cake is covered with whipped cream. Cream dots are made on the cake top. A cherry is placed on each individual dot. Finally, the cake is covered with chocolate shavings. The peculiarities are that Kirschwasser is mainly drunk in the Black Forest.

Conclusion: With original recipes to culinary experiences Black Forest style

The culinary cuisine of the Black Forest is assigned to the Baden culture. Regional specialties can be found in both cold and warm dishes. These are particularly evident in the ingredients that come from the immediate region. Here you will find numerous restaurants that have already received awards for their dishes. Experience the enjoyment of the Black Forest in the local restaurants, inns, country inns or hotels. Above all, the high product quality is one of the essential secrets of the regional dishes. If you want to focus your cooking skills on the cuisine of the Black Forest in the future, then we recommend a cooking course on site in connection with your next holiday or your next business trip. We wish you every success and bon appetit!

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