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View from Turmberg

The Turmberg near Karlsruhe / Durlach

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In the city of Karlsruhe, which is best known for its impressive architecture and cultural diversity, there is a destination that is popular with locals and visitors alike: the Turmberg. This 256 meter high mountain is located on the eastern edge in the Durlach district and offers breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding Rhine Valley.

The Turmberg in Durlach as an excursion destination

The Turmberg is much more than just a mountain – it is an excursion destination diverse possibilities. Whether you are a nature lover, a history buff or an adventure seeker, Turmberg has something to offer for everyone.

Start your trip with a walk through the dense forest that surrounds the mountain. The well-maintained ones Walking are ideal for a leisurely hike or a demanding jog. The Turmberg is also a popular destination for mountain bikers, with several challenging trails leading down the mountain.

The Turmberg also offers culture and history. At the top of the mountain are the ruins of the former Turmberg Castle, a medieval fortress built in the 11th century. From here you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the City of Karlsruhe and enjoy the surrounding Rhine Valley.

The Turmbergbahn: A unique ride

A highlight of every visit to Turmberg is certainly one Ride on the Turmbergbahn. The Turmbergbahn is the oldest funicular railway in Germany that is still in operation. It was opened in 1888 and connects the town of Durlach with the summit of the Turmberg.

A ride on the Turmbergbahn is a unique experience. As you slowly ascend the mountain, you can admire the magnificent scenery and look forward to the adventure at the top. The Train runs all year round and offers a convenient way to explore the Turmberg.

The tower on Karlsruhe's local mountain

The observation tower on the summit of the Turmberg is the icing on the cake of this impressive excursion destination. The tower, originally built in 1888, allows visitors to take in the views of the city ​​and the surrounding area Enjoy the landscape from a height of over 250 meters. A climb to the observation tower is an absolute must for every visitor to Turmberg. On a clear day you can even see as far as the Palatinate and Alsace.

Adventure in the forest rope park near Karlsruhe

The Turmberg near Karlsruhe is the perfect place for adventurers and nature lovers to have fun. The forest rope park there offers a range of exciting challenges: with over 100 climbing stations and 12 different courses that extend up to 16 meters in height. 

There is something for every visitor, whether a family or a climbing fan. But don't forget to make a reservation and wear a hat under the helmet to maintain hygiene.

Forest playground for the little ones

The Turmberg in Durlach offers a great, spacious playground. It can be reached by the Turmbergbahn or by car and is surrounded by many trees that provide shade on hot days.

The playground has swings, slides, climbing equipment, a cable car, table tennis tables and sandpits. In the adjacent forest there are “robber tours” for older children and picnic opportunities.

Away from the playground there is a mountain bike course with jumps and obstacles that are also suitable for playing robbers and treasure hunting. All play equipment is in very good condition and therefore a clear recommendation for parents.


The Turmberg near Karlsruhe is a destination that you shouldn't miss. Whether you love nature, are interested in history or just want to enjoy breathtaking views of the city - Turmberg has something to offer for everyone. So pack your hiking boots, take the Turmbergbahn and experience an unforgettable day on the Turmberg near Karlsruhe.

What can I see from Turmberg?

From Turmberg you have a fantastic view over the entire city of Karlsruhe and the Rhine Valley. On clear days you can even see as far as the Vosges, the Palatinate Forest and the Odenwald. It is a truly impressive panorama.

How high is Turmberg?

The Turmberg in Karlsruhe is around 257 meters high. From up there you have an impressive view over the city and the Rhine plain all the way to the Palatinate Forest. It's definitely worth climbing up there or taking the Turmbergbahn.

Can you also drive on Turmberg by car?

Yes, you can drive to Turmberg by car. There is a street called “Turmbergstrasse” that takes you up to Turmberg. There are also some parking spaces there. 

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal