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Outdoor activities: discover the diversity of the Black Forest

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The Black Forest offers a wealth of outdoor activities ranging from mountain biking to skiing to rock climbing and canoeing. The region is known for its stunning scenery and there are plenty of ways to explore and be active at the same time. In this article we present a few exciting outdoor activities in the Black Forest.


The The Black Forest is a paradise for mountain bikers. The region offers a variety of routes and trails for all levels of difficulty, from easy beginner routes to challenging routes for experienced mountain bikers. The routes lead through forests, over mountains and valleys and offer breathtaking views of the landscape.

Some of the most popular mountain bike trails in the Black Forest are the Feldberg-Trail, which circles the highest peak in the Black Forest, the Murg Valley Trail, which leads along the Murg River, and the Belchen Trail, which leads through the forests and mountains and provides spectacular impressions.

The Black Forest also offers many flat routes for beginners. The area is very well signposted, making it easy to get your bearings and find the right routes.

If you don't have your own mountain bike, there are many rental options that offer a large selection of mountain bikes. Some of the local bike shops also offer guided tours and courses to help you improve your skills and explore the best routes in the Black Forest.

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Climbing in the Black Forest

The Black Forest offers numerous climbing opportunities for climbers of all levels of difficulty. The region is known for steep cliffs, natural walls and great views. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber, there is a wide range of climbing areas on offer here.

Some of the most popular climbing areas in the Black Forest are the Murg Valley via ferrata, which is considered one of the best in Germany with its many climbing routes and parks. Anyone who conquers this via ferrata will be rewarded with an impressive view of the surrounding landscape. Another popular climbing area is the Falkensteiner Höhle, which offers a variety of climbing routes for both beginners and advanced climbers.

Visitors should always inform themselves in advance, because... Climbing in the Black Forest is only allowed in certain places and it is important to follow local regulations and rules.


Canoeing is another popular outdoor activity in this region. There are many rivers and lakes in the region that are ideal for exploring by canoe. The most famous rivers for canoeing are the Murg and the Kinzig, both of which are scenic and have a gentle current suitable for beginners and families.

For experienced canoeists there are also some more challenging rivers in the Black Forest, such as the Enz or the Wutach Gorge, which feature rapids and challenges for advanced riders.

During high water or heavy rain, visitors should refrain from canoeing. Keeping an eye on local weather conditions and water levels can keep you safe.


The Black Forest is a well-known ski region in Germany and offers many opportunities for skiing and snowboarding. Numerous ski areas not only offer experienced skiers the right slopes, but also beginners are welcome here.

Some of the most popular ski areas in the Black Forest are Feldberg, Ballon, Todtnauberg and Muggenbrunn. Feldberg is the largest ski area in the Black Forest and offers more than 50 kilometers of slopes suitable for all skill levels. There are also many cross-country ski runs, toboggan runs and snowshoe hikes in the area.

The Belchen ski area is slightly smaller than Feldberg, but still offers a variety of slopes and is particularly suitable for families. The Todtnauberg ski area is known for its long runs and its scenic location. Muggenbrunn is a smaller ski area, which is ideal for beginners and families and offers a relaxed atmosphere.


The Black Forest offers a variety of outdoor activities for every taste and ability. Whether outdoor fans like hiking, mountain biking, climbing, canoeing or skiing, everyone will find the right adventure here. The picturesque landscape of the Black Forest offers a beautiful backdrop for all activities and is an ideal place for anyone looking for a break from everyday life and wanting to relax in nature.