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Baroque church of St. Peter

Baroque church of St. Peter

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Location: St.. Peter
Suitable for prams: ja

Integrated into the rectangle of the monastery complex, the Baroque church, built between 1724-1727, rises almost majestically over the village.

The builder from Voralberg, Peter Thumb, was responsible for the construction.

He created a church building that belongs to the style of late baroque architecture around 1700. The interior impression is dominated by the white painted surfaces. Frescoes and altars, on the other hand, have a complementary effect.

This house of God was dedicated to Saint Peter. The apostle is the patron saint.

Shortly after entering the church, the viewer's eyes inevitably turn to the high altar. This altar has 8 changing pictures,
which are exchanged according to the church year.

The church was built as a monastery and community church. This can be clearly seen in the large choir grille, which separates the front part of the church, the so-called choir room (formerly reserved for monks!), from the larger part, the parish church. While the Benedictine monks sit in the so-called choir stalls in the choir room, the church people of St. Peter were given their own community altar with tabernacle in the form of the Sebastian altar (right side). On the left side of the nave is the Marian altar with a reliquary.