Location: Wutach

... located in the south-eastern Black Forest at an altitude of 700 to 800 meters, with its healthy Black Forest air and its quiet location, it is an ideal recreation area. The romantic one Wutach Gorge delimits our community to the north and east and is an interesting and varied area for hikers, fishermen, white water rafters, geologists and biologists.

Well-marked hiking trails lead through beautiful corridors, forests, valleys and gorges, they invite old and young to take a relaxing hike. In terms of landscape, our hiking areas belong to different areas. Deep forests hide the hamlets and settlements in the west, east of Bonndorf the Black Forest opens up to the spacious Baar. The hill country of Randen and Alb begins in the south, while the impressive Wutach Gorge forms our hiking area in the north and east.

Active agriculture ensures a well-tended landscape. Due to its favorable location, Wutach is an ideal starting point for worthwhile excursions to the Feldberg, Titisee, Schluchsee, Bodensee,, to nearby Switzerland and Alsace.

Route map

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