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Discover the Black Forest in a team

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Beautiful forests, numerous spas and a connection to numerous stories by the Brothers Grimm. Could there be a more romantic place? This is exactly why you should look for someone to accompany you on a visit to the Black Forest. Exploring the Black Forest as a couple is an unforgettable experience. No wonder that the Black Forest is the number one destination for many couples in love. Where else can you take a long walk past lake landscapes and in the evening drink a glass of wine in a cozy and rustic restaurant. The region has a charm that is best enjoyed as a couple and that immediately casts a spell over you.

Have you set your sights on the Black Forest as your next holiday destination and would you be happy to make some nice contacts? With this article we would like to help you to look around for a suitable travel companion in advance. But even if the seat next to you remains empty, that's no reason to bury your head in the sand. Before you go to the travel agency, you should read this article carefully.

Search thematic forums and social media

You are probably not the only person who would like to explore the Black Forest during a holiday. There are numerous forums on the Internet that deal with travel and where singles are looking for potential holiday companions. In this way, you can immediately enter into an exchange with other travel enthusiasts and look around within the forums for people who have the same goal: a romantic trip to the Baden-Württemberg region, for which all you need is the right partner. Social media offers you another possibility. Here, too, there are groups in which travelers exchange ideas or even look for people to travel together. Don't be shy and look online for your travel companion and who knows, maybe things will crackle during your time together or you'll just spend a few nice days together.

Search for a travel partner on dating sites

You would be happy if you didn't have to start the journey alone or if you made a nice acquaintance on site? Then preparation is also crucial in this case, because you will definitely find someone online who will improve your travel happiness. Whether you are looking for someone on platforms who will be by your side when you leave, or you want to meet someone interesting after you arrive. So can you Dating sites for one night stands help to experience an adventure on site. Check out the platforms beforehand and find someone to spend a quality time with during your stay.

This gives you enough time to get to know each other better online until your arrival and then enjoy a hot date while on vacation.

Travel alone and meet other lonely tourists

However, not trying to make appointments online beforehand does not mean that you have to forego new acquaintances. You also have the opportunity to look around for new contacts while on vacation. Go on the slopes alone and always keep your eyes open. There are many people who prefer to travel alone and are then open to an exciting holiday flirt.

It is important that you do not close yourself off to new acquaintances and that you approach people openly. Again, it might be worth taking a look at dating sites where singles are looking for one-night stands. Get to know someone online or on site and spontaneously spend a night together. Your trip to the Black Forest is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Be sure to visit some iconic places

It's worth it even without dates Black Forest as a destination and you have scenic spots to choose from. Picturesque stretches of forest and a breathtaking region hide the ideal places to recharge your batteries and experience the magic of the Black Forest. You should definitely have the following three excursion destinations on your radar. 

Triberg waterfalls

Take a trip to the highest German waterfalls and admire this force of nature with a height of 163 meters. A hike over the old wooden bridges takes you directly over the cascading waterfalls and provides a fairytale view. No wonder the Grimm brothers have used the region as a model for numerous stories.


Have you always wanted to visit the highest and busiest place in Germany? Then Feldberg is the perfect travel destination. The idyllic community is very popular with sports enthusiasts, especially in winter, and offers many different winter sports opportunities. In the evening hours, the Feldberg region is the purest romantic paradise. Perfect for a romantic date or to enjoy the magic of the Black Forest.

The Schluchsee

The Schluchsee is the largest lake in the Black Forest and is located in the spa town of the same name. From here numerous hiking trails extend and there are many opportunities to try your hand at water sports on site. Whether alone or accompanied - you should definitely plan a day at the Schluchsee during your trip.


At 1493 meters above sea level, the Black Forest is not only the highest populated place in Germany. There are numerous sights on its 6.000 square kilometers. Whether you are looking for a travel companion in advance or going on vacation alone to meet nice people there. You will not regret your stay in the picturesque and fairytale region.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal