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City of Loerrach


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Location: Lörrach
Einwohner: 50000

As a district town, Lörrach has been the largest town in the district of the same name since April 1, 1956. In the immediate vicinity is the Black Forest, Weil am Rhein the Rhine Valley and the Swiss city Basel. Around 40 people live in an area of ​​around 50.000 km².

The city gained its popularity primarily through its textile processing industry. The history of the city also includes the changing affiliation to the different territories and noble families.

What does the city of Loerrach have to offer?

In terms of the quality of stay, the city offers a good mix of branches in the business sector, an appealing pedestrian zone and Mediterranean flair. These features, which are described in detail here, are used to describe the attractive city center.

When you arrive in this lively city in Baden-Württemberg, you will surely be on the lookout for accommodation in the form of a hotel or guest house. As a rule, these are 3 star hotels.
Here are some recommended hotels in the city:

points of interest & sights

The most important things have already been done, you have arrived safely, have found a good hotel and now want to see a few sights.
On the one hand there would be:

  • "The Rötteln castle ruins“In the extreme southwest of Baden-Württemberg. Popularly known as "Röttler Castle" with two large defense towers, this was one of the most powerful in the southwest and is the third largest castle ruin in Baden.
  • "The Inzlinger Wasserschloss" is located on the outskirts of the municipality of Inzlingen in the local district. The rare moated castle serves as the landmark of the Lörrach community.
  • "Dreiländerbrücke". The bridge over the Rhine is the longest bridgehead pedestrian and cyclist bridge in the world. The name is derived from the border triangle Germany-France-Switzerland. The distinctive arch construction, visible from afar, is intended to symbolize the strong connection between the two states of Germany and France.
  • The “Altrhein Wyhlen” nature reserve in the area of ​​Grenzach-Wyhlen in the district is also very relaxing.
  • You should definitely see the “Rheinfelden bridge sensation”. Professional acrobats and artists from all over Europe draw thousands of visitors to the Rhine every year for the international street festivals.

One always says: “Hiking is the miller's pleasure”, but at some point your feet also smoke and you want to take it easy, for example with a visit to a museum.

Here offer themselves.

  • "The Vitra Design Museum". A design museum for changing events and exhibitions.
  • “The Three Country Museum”. From 1978 to 2012 Museum am Burghof, located in the border triangle. This museum addresses the history, differences, present and similarities of the border region in the border triangle in two languages.
  • "Roman Villa Museum". Museum in the old school.

That was once a small overview of various sights. After the many exploratory trips, you get thirsty and hungry. You have come to the right place in this region. Here are a few restaurants and wineries where you can enjoy the drinking and eating culture of this region.

In the region around the city you can explore food and drink at 76 locations. These include 31 wineries and 45 restaurants.

Be careful with enjoying the wines there. All of them are so delicious that you barely have time for the place.

What other attractions are there?

If you like to drink juice, you have to be there at the Loerracher Weindorf. There is "the finest grape juice". The wine village takes place over 4 days on the old market square.

There is something for every taste in food and music in Lörrach and the surrounding area.

• Food and Drink Festival
• Rheingaudi Festival in Rheinfelden
• Electronic Music Festival in Weil am Rhein
• Tiengener Summer Jazz Festival in Waldhut-Tiengen
• Schlossbergfest Freiburg
• Black Forest Cherry Cake Festival in Todtnau
• Beetween the beats festival in Loerrach
• Choir Festival in Bad bellingen

and many other events in the region are waiting for you.

How is the night life

After you have visited the festivals extensively, you certainly don't want to close your eyes in the hotel in the early evening, because there is much more to explore here than just festivals or sights. Then there are the clubs and discos. Swinging the dance floor again in the three-country region. Get to know people, have fun, unwind and everything in the discos and clubs in the Lörracher district.

There is:

• "Room 14" in the city center. You can celebrate extensively in a cozy atmosphere on 800 square meters. There are concerts, club evenings, gala events and much more here.
• "Go Club Stones". Endless party. Current beats like House, R`n`B` await on the first floor and the older semester comes into play on the second floor with songs from the 80s, 90s and 2000s.
• “Headliner in Schopfheim”. It's all happening here, live performances and events create a mood and variety.
• "Emergency solution in Lörrach". Shouldn't be the stopgap solution for party-happy guests. The shop is called just like that. An old factory building has become a great club where changing songs are played.

How do I get to Lörrach?

How to get there by car: The city is conveniently connected to the motorway. Coming from Karlsruhe, change at the Weil am Rhein junction onto the A98 to Lörrach-Mitte.
Those arriving by plane fly to the Euroairport Basel-Mühlhouse-Freiburg and from there take the airport bus 50 to the train station, with a connection to the regional S-Bahn line 6 to the city.


Images courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal and MyriRoet