Location: Seebach

Seebach, called the "Mummelseedorf in the Black Forest", is located in the Black Forest National Park, and attracts many tourists every year.

Seebach in the Black Forest

The small town in the district of Ortenau is a recognized climatic health resort and the Acher has its source in its district. It goes steeply from about 400 meters up to 1.164 meters Hornisgrinde. Mainly forest gives visitors the necessary peace to relax. The first national park in Baden-Württemberg, the Black Forest National Park, is based here.

The mill is rattling...

The old Vollmers Mühle mill in Seebach is over 250 years old and a tourist attraction that is rare even for this area. It is not just the Mill Day on Whit Monday that is celebrated here, because the sponsoring association of the mill ensures that the customs remain alive here. There are culinary and musical wine tastings and the annual mill festival takes place in August.

Located at the Mummelsee

The Mummelsee, which is responsible for the nickname of the place, can come up with many excursion highlights and is popular with locals and tourists alike with its picturesque location. View works of art on the art trail, hike the small circular hiking trail to the Hornisgrinde summit, encounter tasty Black Forest specialties or meet the beautiful bronze mermaid... you can experience a lot here. And, of course, the strangers encounter numerous souvenir shops, in which there are even the famous black-rollers Cuckoo to buy there.

The ore miners from Silbergründle

The old ore mine was not mentioned in writing, but thanks to word of mouth it has not been forgotten. It was made accessible again a few years ago as a result of a great private initiative. Today, guests can marvel at a 167 meter long Sollen with mediaeval tunneling technology.

Deckerhof mill

At the Seebächle, the Deckerhof mill invites you to take a break. Forest and fruit trees offer protection and only reveal the view of the mill at second glance. It is considered a typical cultural landscape of the Black Forest valleys.

Buhnefronze Mill

After years of conscientious and diligent restoration, the Buhnefronze mill is once again a jewel in the Black Forest. Thanks to the support of the community and nature park, the water can rush over the mill wheel again. During the summer months, the mill can be visited on Wednesdays every fortnight between 18:00 p.m. and 19:00 p.m.

With its sports and leisure facilities, Seebach is a popular travel destination for every season. Hiking, mountain biking and winter sports are the declared highlights for guests.

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