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Ibacher high valley
Ibacher high valley



Southern Black Forest

The community of Ibach has 380 inhabitants and is located on the vast high valley formed by the former Feldberg glacier. The high valley was first settled in the 11th century as a single farm settlement from nearby St. Blasien. They were fiefdoms. In 1328 “Ybach” was first mentioned in a document. Unteribach was settled by the barons of Tiefenstein from Görwihl. In the 13th century they founded a monks' settlement “Neuenzeile” there, which is why it belongs to the county of Hauenstein.

The merger of Ober- and Unteribach took place after 1806 and was subsequently assigned to the St. Blasien administrative district and is now part of the Waldshut-Tiengen district. In earlier times people lived from willow forestry, charcoal burning, brush clapboard making, schnefler and straw weaving.

Today Ibach presents itself in the midst of wide meadows and pastures as a small pearl in the Hotzenwald, with many Black Forest farms, some of them very old, with their hipped roofs pulled down, in the midst of wonderful unspoilt nature!

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