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Location: Hornberg

State-approved resort in the middle of the Black Forest!

... with the districts of Niederwasser and Reichenbach

It's rustic, in the middle of the Black Forest!

"If it's the Black Forest, then please go straight into it." That's what the original inhabitants of Hornberg said to themselves in fairly distant times and settled here! Of course, Hornberg wasn't called Hornberg back then, but it was always in the middle of the Black Forest...!

And if you want to go to the Black Forest, then you should go right into the middle: To Hornberg. It is worth it!

Incredibly homely ...

The Hornberg landscape gets its special charm through contrasts: The town itself is located in the Gutach Valley (360 m above sea level), but the old Hornberg Castle towers defiantly above it on the rocky steep slope.

Idyllic meadow landscapes with magnificent fruit trees, under the shade of which cozy cows relax in summer, alternate with really black forest regions that stretch up to almost 1000 meters. Rugged granite rocks offer space for bright yellow flowering gorse fountains in many places and, of course, at the top for wonderful vantage points.

Impenetrable areas of fir trees begin right behind hilly wheat fields and ancient Black Forest houses with roofs that are almost down to the ground act as if they had invented cosiness. There are old fortifications that were directed against long-forgotten enemies ...

If you want to hike the constantly changing region from Hornberg, you will quickly notice that you need either a good level of fitness or a little time. But even for the less sporty, there are still enough flatter hiking trails on the ridge that can be easily and comfortably reached by bus or car.

For passionate hikers or bikers, Hornberg and "Um-Hornberg-Herum" is a unique Dorado. There is something new behind every ledge, behind every rise, behind every bend in the stream!

And if you are a mushroom lover, Hornberg has something very special to offer you: Even well-known biologists and experts visit the unique Black Forest mushroom teaching show, the quality is so professional. You shouldn't miss it!

Undeterred by politics and borders, traditions such as wood carving have been and are still cultivated here today. But that in no way prevents the Hornbergers from building flourishing industrial companies in which the most modern technology is used. And modern hotels, pensions and restaurants are available to guests that are still cozy and homely.

Because you should feel comfortable here ...!

Living history ...

Everyone is talking about the Hornberg shooting. And hardly anyone knows the story. Here she is:

In 1564, probably on a Saturday, the Duke of Württemberg was due to visit Hornberg. The whole of Hornberg was on its feet to greet the "Fürscht". Gunners, ready for the thunderous salute, waited anxiously in the courtyard for the signal from the tower guard that the authorities had arrived. The signal came, the guns roared, only it wasn't the duke, he came, but a herd of cattle. The signal was given again shortly thereafter, and the salutes were even louder, this time not for the duke but, frighteningly enough, for a traveling merchant. When the duke finally rushed up in person with his entourage, the signal came again, but there was no thunder of welcome, because the powder for the cannons had already been used up. In return, the Hornbergers yelled a resounding “Piff-Paff” into the princely ears as the duke passed through the city gate, which incidentally is said to have delighted the lords royally.

Since then, the Hornbergs have had a very clouded relationship with powder, cannons and salute shooting. But so that this story is never forgotten, it became an open-air summer game that you should definitely visit when you are in the Black Forest. This is how the Hornbergers discovered that they are excellent at acting. And that's why every year there is a different fairy tale as an open-air performance for the little ones and the young at heart!

Nevertheless, don't be angry if you as a guest are not greeted with Hornberger salute shots but with an even warmer "Grüß Gott"!



360 – 1000 m above sea level in the Middle Black Forest in the Gutachtal. Located on the Black Forest Railway (interregio stop Kassel - Konstanz and E-train stop Offenburg - Konstanz), on the B33 Offenburg - Konstanz and on the "German Clock Route" as well as on the long-distance hiking trails... Westweg, Mittelweg and Querweg.


Medieval castle ruins on the Schloßberg, ev. Town church with late medieval choir + frescoes, railway viaduct of the Black Forest Railway over the Reichenbachtal, route of the Black Forest Railway between Hornberg and St. Georgen with 36 tunnels and many bends, open-air stage, Black Forest mushroom teaching show, nature and forest teaching path, Hornberg clock games .

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City Tourist Office

Bahnhofstrasse 3 * D-78132 Hornberg / Black Forest

Tel .: 07833 / 793-33 + 79344 * Fax: 07833 793-29

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