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Magic Land - nature adventure trail on the Kinzigsee

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Location: Lossburg
Track length: 4.9 km
Ascent: 134m
Descent: 134m
Suitable for prams: ja

The climatic health resort of Loßburg is located on the plateau of the northern Black Forest at an altitude of 550 to 840 meters in the Tannenhochwald. Here, around the source of the Kinzig, nature shows itself in all its facets and in every season with its most beautiful play of colors.

In close proximity to Freudenstadt Immerse yourself in the untouched nature and the originality of the Black Forest. This is where the path of the Kinzig begins, which crosses the Black Forest from east to west until it finally flows into the Rhine at Kehl after 93 kilometers.

You can reach Loßburg by car via the federal road 294 or with the Kinzigtalbahn. The railway line runs from Freudenstadt, 7 kilometers away, to Hausach.

On a discovery tour through the magical land

A unique natural area has been created around the source of the Kinzig and Lake Kinzig with a nature adventure trail “Magic Land on the Kinzig”, which delights adults and children alike.

Go on a discovery tour through the newly designed magic land on your own, or use geocaching to experience all the paths and paths and viewpoints.

The nature discovery trail is 1,8 kilometers long and can be easily walked with a stroller. If you want to get to know the route as a circular route, you have to cover a distance of 4 kilometers from the starting point through the town of Loßburg and back again. The path has a total height difference of 134 meters. That means he good for kids and also older people.

In the magic land there are different adventure tours, all of which are easy to commit. They are barrier-free and easy to walk all year round. There are many exciting things for children to discover, for example if you choose the water adventure round. Winni, the water drop girl, accompanies the smaller children on their way with exciting stories in a pixi book. Later the little ones can color in the pictures and solve small puzzles.

Via a rope ladder climb Brave three meters up to the tree house. A picnic area that all children love is in front of the witch's cottage in the forest. There is a lot of fun for everyone who dares to climb up the “stairs to heaven” at the end of the magic land. Very close to the sky they then discover the magical amphitheater in the Lossburg school forest between the fir trees. In the Lossburg school forest, the school children are made familiar with the importance of sustainable development in a playful way.

The magic land on the Kinzig is an ideal destination for families, kindergarten groups and school classes. Every season has its special charm and the magic land is accessible all year round

This is how you reach the nature experience Zauberland on the Kinzig

There are free parking spaces for your car at the outdoor pool in Loßburg. The nature trail also begins here.

Another parking lot is on Schömberger Straße below the forest festival area.

If you travel by public transport, a bus will take you to the ZOB Loßburg and you have another 600 meters to walk to the magic land.

Take the train to the Loßburg-Rodt train station and from there it is another 800 meters to get to the magic land

More info: https://www.lossburg.de/de/ferienland/zauberland-uebersicht/

Image source: Loßburg Information


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