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Dasenstein in Kappelrodeck

On the trail of the Dasenstein Hex

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Location: Kappelrodeck
Track length: 2.2 km
Ascent: 75m
Descent: 75m
Suitable for prams: no
Starting point: Parking lot 'Schützenhaus

A very exciting and instructive hike takes those interested in the middle of the northern Black Forest to Kappelroddeck. According to a legend from 1356, the Dasenstein witch was up to mischief there. On a multimedia hike of legends, you get very close to the mysterious figure from the Middle Ages and walk in the traces of the witch. The over two kilometer long hiking trail is ideal for families with children and can even be explored with a stroller. The hike, which can be completed in a good hour, is even more exciting with an explorer backpack that can be borrowed free of charge from the local tourist information office. This includes, for example, a researcher's book with which one can vividly explore nature.

Up close and personal with the Hex thanks to WiFi hotspots

The starting point of the hike is the “Schützenhaus” car park in Kappelroddeck. This is where the exciting and instructive hike ends after a circular route. There is a sign with the inscription "Multimedia Sagenwandern". There are three hotspots along the way. Instructional films about the history of the Hex von Dasenstein can be watched there with a WLAN-enabled smartphone. At the beginning the path goes slightly uphill through a chestnut forest. At the end there is a great view over Kappelroddeck and the surrounding area. The first hotspot awaits further up the hill. After the first part of the legend story, we continue through a short stretch of forest. The next stop is the Baßler wine and fruit farm, where you can take a short break.

The Strasbourg Cathedral in view

Then the second WLAN hotspot awaits before you continue hiking through the vineyards with a wonderful view of the Rhine Valley. The third and last hotspot is in front of the well-known rock formation "Dasenstein". There is also a rest hut and benches for a cozy picnic. The view is breathtaking. If the visibility is good, you can even see the Strasbourg Cathedral. If you follow the signs after the rest, you will come back to the starting point of the hike.

From legend to wine

The Dasenstein Hex is a well-known legend in the area. At every carnival parade, the children are dressed up as witches. The legendary figure is also the famous namesake of the wine from the area, which is known throughout Germany. Because the 700 year old fairy tale tells that the beautiful damsel of Rodeck Castle fell in love with a simple farmer's son. Her father did not want this inappropriate connection and chased his daughter from the castle. Thereupon the girl lived in the rock formation Dasenstein and drove her mischief as a witch in the Achertal valley in revenge. She also planted wine around her rock cave. And that's why the red wine from Kappelrodeck was named after her. After the hike, the fine wine will certainly taste twice as good.


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